Miniature Smart Data Terminal for Xicoy Devices, from Xicoy, xcy-smarthdt

Miniature Smart Data Terminal for Xicoy Devices

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Miniature Smart Data Terminal for Xicoy Devices
Including FADEC ECUs with Servo Lead Connection

  • Can be installed permanently on board
  • Dimensions: 23g (0.8oz); 50.5 x 43.5 x 10mm
  • Color touchscreen for perfect reading from dark to normal day conditions
  • Micro SD card socket (Card not included) for data recording and firmware upgrade, plus an internal memory to store the last 66 minutes of engine run time.
  • Software update V6 (necessary only to be compatible with Xicoy X45 engine)

Besides the usual functions of our current data terminal, it allows an easu reading by presenting the data in full color and using graphic gauges. Also includes dedicated screens for radio checking, last shutdown cause and other special turbine operations.

The most innovative and useful function is the internal recorder/playback function. The terminal continuously stores all the data received from the ecu, keeping in its permanent memory all the data of last 66 minutes of engine run, without the need of the memory card.

After the flight, the terminal can be pulled out of the plane and, without connecting to the ecu, just using an 5-10V battery, the data stored can be played back in real time, same presentation as if the engine was running. Playback mode can be still, forward or reverse, speed x1, x 10 and x100 in both directions, so that would be easy to investigate any issue at the field without the need of a computer or any other type of reader.

This data, including all engine parameters, can be saved later to a memory card, where it can be read using a text editor. Also can be sent to engine manufacturer to be studied, and changes uploaded back to the ecu.

It is compatible with all xicoy ecus that use the 3 wire servo lead (Kingtech, Wren, JetsMunt, JetCentral Powerpac, etc). Firmware can be upgraded trough the uSD card, so the compatibility with new ecus and future functions is assured.

Includes a 2 year parts and labor warranty. Shipment costs are not included in either direction. Replacement items will not ship until the suspected faulty items have been received and checked.