Wall Colmonoy
WC 8300-3

Heater Muffler, Left Hand, New Manufacture, for Cessna 150, A/F/FA150 H-M Models

Heater Muffler, Left Hand, New Manufacture, for Cessna 150, A/F/FA150 H-M Models

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Nicrocraft Heater Muffler, Left Hand, New Manufacture, from Wall Colmonoy

For Cessna Models 150G,H,J,K,L,M; A150K,L,M; F150G,H,J,K,L,M; FA150K,L
Includes 8130-3 Airworthiness Approval
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Models 150G thru 150M, S/N 15064533 thru 15079405
Models A150K thru A150M, S/N A1500001 thru A1500734 with Continental Engine O-200-A
Reims Aviation Models F150G thru F150M, S/N F1500068 thru F1501428
Models FA150K thru FA150L, S/N FA1500001 thru FA1500120 with Rolls Royce Continental Engine O-200-A

"Item #" Corresponds to "Diagram 1" Image (See Photos Tab)
Item # Description Cessna OEM WCC New WCC O/H
1 Riser 0450338-69 8300-13 0450338-69R
2 Clamp Assembly - 568-06 -
3 Heater Muffler, Left Hand 0450400-3 8300-3 0450400-3R
4 Shroud Assembly, Left Hand 0450400-5 8300-5 -
5 Riser 0450338-74 8300-14 0450338-74R
6 Heater Muffler, Right Hand 0450400-26 8300-4 0450400-26R
7 Shroud Assembly, Right Hand 0450400-6 8300-27 -
8 Clamp Assembly - 221-5 -
9 Tailpipe 0450338-67 8300-7 0450338-67R
10 Tailpipe 0450338-66 8300-8 0450338-66R
Note: On 150, S/N 61329 thru 67198, and F150, S/N 0001 thru 0219 use WCC OH P/N 0450400-4R for Right Hand Muffler
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Wall Colmonoy Nicrocraft aircraft exhaust systems are built to take the heat. Components are engineered to meet or exceed original equipment standards. Years of parts-repair experience have led to design improvements, which enhance service life of Nicrocraft's exhaust components.

Nicrocraft products are performance proven. That's why OEM manufacturers use our parts. New and overhauled components are hydrogen furnace stress ­relieved. This extra step increases service life and improves performance. The internal parts are stronger. Wall Colmonoy fuses their exclusive high-strength Nicrobraz alloys to baffles and other internal parts to increase durability.

Products are individually leak tested. Exhaust system failure can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, loss of engine power, excessive engine wear and even fire. That's why each Nicrocraft component is subjected to a rigid leak ­testing procedures assuring 100% compliance with applicable safety and performance standards. Backed by a full 12-month, unlimited-hours warranty and 25 years of manufacturing and overhauling exhaust components.

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