SUL 651

Megatron Starter, from Sullivan, sul-651

Megatron Starter

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Item Qualifies for Free Ground Freight (48 States) on Orders Over $150
Using the same Model 4 motor as the Boat Starter, this starter is designed for large R/C airplane engines. It can handle engines up to 8 cubic inches (130 cc) and larger, depending on engine condition and compression ratio. It has two steel handles, steel endplates and a 3" aluminum cone with silicone rubber insert. The starter can be operated on 12V or 24V, maximum 100 amps. Output is 600 in-oz (424 N-cm) at 12V, 1200 (848 N-cm) at 24V. 2800 no load RPM at 12V, 5600 no load RPM at 24V.