Champion Slick
SLK M4001

Lycoming 4-Cyl Ignition Harness for Slick 4270/4370 Series Mags & 5/8-24 Plugs

Lycoming 4-Cyl Ignition Harness for Slick 4270/4370 Series Mags & 5/8-24 Plugs

Item Qualifies for Free Ground Freight (48 States) on Orders Over $350

M4001 4-Cylinder Ignition Harness for Lycoming Engines
with Slick 4270/4370 Series Magnetos & 5/8-24 Spark Plugs

Note: Harness Lead Colors May Vary, Standard Gray will be replaced by Red as stock depletes

O-235 C1A, C1C, C2C, E1, E2B, F1, G2B, H2C, J2B, K2C, L2C, M2C, N2C
O-320 A1A, A2D, B1A, B1B, B2A, B3A, C1A, C1B, C2A, C2B, C3A, C3B, D1D, D2G, D2H, EiJ, E2D, E2E, E2G, E3D
IO-320 B1B, E1B, E2B
AIO-320 A2B, E1B, E2B
O-360 A1N6, A2H, A4K, A4M, B1A, C1E, C1F, C2B, C2E, D1A
IO-360 B1F6
AIO-360 A2B
AEIO-360 A2B, B1F6, B1G6, B2F6, H1A

Call for applications not listed or If you are unsure which harness you require.
Download the Champion Slick Harness Application for 5/8" Plugs
Download the Champion Slick Harness Application for 3/4" Plugs

  • Full one year or 500 hour new part warranty on Slick components
  • Over 100 years of aviation ignition manufacturing experience
  • All manufacturing and customer service based in the USA
  • Heat-resistant polymer coating specifically engineered for high-temperatures.
  • Coiled center wire for greater flexibility eliminating the need for old style elbows
  • Flexible, 16 strand silicone impregnated scuff resistant braid greatly reduces EMI.
  • Heavy-gauge contact spring for greater contact force reducing the chance of flashover
  • Completely repairable and all pieces are independently available through distribution.

Aircraft ignition harness assemblies prevent the entrance, formation, and accumulation of impurities within the shielded distribution systems universally employed on airplanes using high-sensitivity radio receivers.

Champion Slick ignition harnesses feature corrosion resistant connections, a heavy-gauge contact spring to provide more contact area and force against the spark plug contact, plated ground path overbraid and a center conductor wire design that provides flexibility to reduce fatigue and breakage of the specialized plated stainless steel coiled conductor core from repeated temperature cycling and engine vibration. Fluid susceptibility concerns are addressed by the silicone based sheathing that protects the ignition wire from spark plug termination to the harness backplate. This extremely flexible wire lends itself to sharp bends, thereby eliminating the need for old style harness elbows. There are no soldered joints in the grounding circuit, and they are custom made for most 4 and 6 cylinder engine applications using Slick magnetos. Harnesses for Slick magnetos are furnished with the backplates installed.

FAA-PMA approved Slick Harnesses by Champion are built to handle the demanding environmental conditions, maximum spark energy produced and maintain optimized levels of electromagnetic Interference protection. Using anything less could result in more than a 50% reduction of radio sensitivity in commonly used communication frequencies, as tested by Champion.