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SLK 6310

Slick 6310 Magneto, for 6-Cylinder Teledyne Continental Motors, + Core

Slick 6310 Magneto, for 6-Cylinder Teledyne Continental Motors, + Core

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Slick 6310 Magneto, for 6-Cylinder Teledyne Continental Motors, + Core

  • Slick M3154 Adapter may be required
  • Slick Rotation: Right
  • Magnetos Lag: 30
  • Application: Teledyne Continental
  • Type: Impulse
  • Replaces: 662, 680

Engine Application Listed Under the Specs Tab
Download the Slick Champion Application Manual Here

  • Call for applications not listed or If you are unsure which magneto you require
  • All Prices are Plus Refundable Core Charge
  • Champion Slick Magnetos do not include gasket
  • Champion Slick Magnetos are Factory New with a 1 Year Warranty
  • Drive Gears Not included: Please remove them from any cores you return; $25.00 gear removal/return shipping fee

Magneto Core Returns - Request an RMA for Core Returns Here

  • Slick Mag Cores Require an RMA Prior to Return
  • Cores need to be returned within two weeks from the original invoice date
  • Case and Eismann magnetos are NO LONGER acceptable Cores
  • Effective 12/4/17 Champion will only accept the following magnetos for core credit:
    • Slick 400 / 600, 4200 / 6200, 4300 / 6300 series
    • LASAR Magnetos
    • Also includes Slick magnetos overhauled by third parties
  • Cores must be operational as removed from the engine
  • Returned core must be a like part-number
  • All cores must have ID tags or will be rejected for credit

PLEASE NOTE: If you have any questions on core values please contact a sales representative.

  • Smaller and lighter unique design allowing for a dimensionally smaller magneto
  • Easier installation and lighter weight- as much as one pound lighter than competitive magnetos.
  • Radio noise suppression- Slick magnetos feature superior noise suppression, eliminating the need for magneto filters.
  • Easy to maintain- Slick magnetos use up to 50% fewer parts than the competitive aircraft magnetos. In addition, 70% of the parts in any Slick magneto are interchangeable with the comparable parts in other current production Slick magnetos.

Slick magnetos are engineered so that mechanical parts wear at a balanced rate. Consistent and complimentary wear patterns establish the recommended maintenance intervals defined in Champion Aerospace service literature, so used and service-worn parts should never be used to troubleshoot or repair a magneto, nor should original parts be replaced by used service worn parts on magnetos being returned to service.

Teledyne Continental Motors

Engine - Model (Degree°, HP)

IO-470-A (24°,240HP)
IO-470-C (26°,250HP)
IO-470-D (20°,260HP)
IO-470-E (20°,260HP)
IO-470-F (20°,260HP)
IO-470-G (26°,250HP)
IO-470-H (20°,260HP)
IO-470-J (22°,225HP)
IO-470-K (22°,225HP)
IO-470-L (20°,260HP)
IO-470-LO (20°,260HP)
IO-470-M (20°,260HP)
IO-470-N (20°,260HP)
IO-470-P (26°,250HP)
IO-470-R (26°,250HP)
IO-470-S (20°,260HP)
IO-470-T (26°,250HP)
IO-470-U (20°,260HP)
IO-470-V (20°,260HP)
IO-470-VO (20°,260HP)

IO-520-A (22°,285HP)
IO-520-B (22°,285HP)
IO-520-BA (22°,285HP)
IO-520-BB (22°,285HP)
IO-520-C (22°,285HP)
IO-520-CB (22°,285HP)
IO-520-D (22°,300HP)
IO-520-E (22°,300HP)
IO-520-F (22°,300HP)
IO-520-J (22°,285HP)
IO-520-K (22°,300HP)
IO-520-L (22°,300HP)
IO-520-M (22°,285HP)
IO-520-MB (22°,285HP)
IO-520-N (22°,300HP)
IO-520-NB (22°,300HP)

IO-550-A (22°,300HP)
IO-550-B (22°,300HP)
IO-550-C (22°,300HP)
IO-550-D (22°,300HP)
IO-550-F (22°,300HP)
IO-550-L (22°,300HP)

O-470-A (26°,225HP)
O-470-B (24°,240HP)
O-470-B-C1 (24°,240HP)
O-470-E (26°,225HP)
O-470-G (24°,240HP)
O-470-G-C1 (24°,240HP)
O-470-H (24°,240HP)
O-470-J (20°,225HP)
O-470-K (22°,230HP)
O-470-K-C1 (22°,230HP)
O-470-L (22°,230HP)
O-470-L-C1 (22°,230HP)
O-470-M (24°,240HP)
O-470-M-C1 (24°,240HP)
O-470-N (24°,240HP)
O-470-P (24°,240HP)
O-470-R (22°,230HP)
O-470-S (22°,230HP)
O-470-T (24°,230HP)
O-470-U (24°,230HP)

TSIO-520-A (20°,285HP)

TSIO-520-B (20°,285HP)
TSIO-520-BB (20°,285HP)
TSIO-520-BE (24°,310HP)
TSIO-520-C (20°,285HP)
TSIO-520-CE (20°,325HP)
TSIO-520-D (20°,285HP)
TSIO-520-DB (20°,285HP)
TSIO-520-E (20°,300HP)
TSIO-520-EB (20°,300HP)
TSIO-520-G (22°,300HP)
TSIO-520-H (20°,285HP)
TSIO-520-J (20°,310HP)
TSIO-520-JB (20°,310HP)
TSIO-520-K (20°,285HP)
TSIO-520-KB (20°,285HP)
TSIO-520-L (20°,310HP)
TSIO-520-LB (20°,310HP)
TSIO-520-M (22°,310HP)
TSIO-520-N (20°,310HP)
TSIO-520-NB (20°,310HP)
TSIO-520-P (22°,310HP)
TSIO-520-R (22°,310HP)
TSIO-520-T (22°,310HP)
TSIO-520-U (22°,300HP)
TSIO-520-UB (22°,300HP)
TSIO-520-VB (20°,325HP)
TSIO-520-WB (20°,325HP)