Superior Labs Inc
SL 55000-11-N00

3 1/8" Mechanical Tachometer from Superior Labs Inc, sl-55000-11-n00

3 1/8" Mechanical Tachometer by Superior Labs

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3 1/8" Mechanical Tachometer by Superior Labs
Avg Cruise 2300 RPM
Replaces Mitchell D1-112-5023 or Stewart Warner P-551-AZ

Since 1977, Superior Labs (SLI) has been the aircraft tachometer of choice by most OEM’s for precision and reliability. Now SLI is proud to offer these precision aircraft tachometers for aftermarket replacement of most single engine aircraft. If that shaky tachometer needle, or inaccurate tachometer reading has you questioning your RPM's, it’s time to replace it with a precision SLI tachometer. SLI manufactures aircraft tachometers for all general aviation aircraft types and offers custom screen printed dials, internal lighting, anti-glare glass, and pre-set engine hours. Chief Aircraft currently stocks a wide range of aircraft tachometers for the following aircraft:
  • Cessna
  • Piper
  • Mooney
  • Diamond
  • Beech
  • American Champion
Superior Labs is currently FAA approved and holds the latest revision on TSO C49b for the Mechanical Recording Aircraft Tachometer.

Aero Commander A9, A9A, A9B
Aeronca 15AC Sedan
Grumman/America AA1, AA1A, AA5
Beech C35, D35, E35, F35
Bellanca/Champion 7EC, 7FC, 7GC, 7HC,
7GCB, 7K, 7ECA,
14-19, Viking 300, Turbo Viking

Cessna 120, 140, 170, 180, 182, 185 w/IO-470 engine,
188, 336, 337
Lake C1, C2, L4, LA4SC, LA5
Mooney M20, M20A, M20D, 21, 200, 201, 202, 220
Piper PA12, PA16, PA18, PA20, PA22, PA23, PA24,
PA28, PA30, PA32, PA39
Rockwell 112, 114
Taylorcraft 19, 14A, 20, 20AG, Zephyr

Accuracy to within ± 25 RPM
Range 0-3500 RPM
Diameter 3-1/8"
Length 3-1/2"
Weight: 13 Oz.
Two Years Warranty