Lighted Navigator Magnetic Compass, from SIRS, sirs-nv2c-28

Lighted Navigator Magnetic Compass, 12-28V, TSO

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Lighted Navigator Magnetic Compass, 12-28V, TSO

The S.I.R.S. Navigator Compass is designed to fit in various positions within the cockpit such as the glare shield, windshield, or windshield center post. This ability is made possible by its light-weight construction and swivel mounting system which allows it to be mounted in an area convenient to the pilot and away from magnetic influences.

Tired of ancient designs in compass technology that leak kerosene or alcohol through tired rubber seals onto your glareshield? The new technology used in the SIRS Navigator magnetic compass makes this a thing of the past. The Navigator by SIRS Navigation is an attractive compass that delivers extremely accurate readings due to its fully integrated four magnet compensation. Silicone fluid damping gives better control of card movement and reduces inaccuracies found in the standard fluid damped compass found in most aircraft. The silicone fluid has a viscosity value that remains virtually constant throughout the operating temperature range of the compass.

The Navigator uses metal bellows to compensate for expansion and contraction of the fluid resulting from changes in temperature and altitude, providing long term reliability over that of the usual rubber expansion diaphragm.

The standard mounting bracket allows the compass to be mounted in a variety of positions, including the glareshield or the canopy, away from external magnetic influences. Optional mounts are available.

The display is highly visible in all lighting conditions and is far more legible than standard compasses.

The Navigator magnetic compass meets FAA TSO C7d and comes with a three year factory warranty.