RC Allen

Lighted Electric Horizon Gyro 28 volt, from RC Allen, rca-26bk9

Lighted Electric Horizon Gyro 28 volt, TSO

Item Qualifies for Free Ground Freight (48 States) on Orders Over $350

Lighted Electric Horizon Gyro 28 volt, TSO

RC Allen Electric Horizon Gyro 26AK/BK Models

This RC Allen Horizon Gyro employs an electrically-driven rotor to sense movement in the roll and pitch axes, and transmits the information to the pilot through a "pictorial" presentation. The airplane symbol is adjustable by a knob at the 6 o'clock position. A "pull to cage" knob is provided to assure immediate alignment & stability whenever power has been applied to gyro.

All models have an AC (brushless) motor with a built-in inverter which converts the aircraft DC power to the required voltage and frequency for motor operation. A power failure flag drops when voltage is lost or has dropped below a level for proper operation. Connector mates with MS3116E8-4S or equivalent. RC Allen gyro horizons can be calibrated at all standard panel tilts. Specify at time of order. Artificial horizon gyro comes standard with color scheme of blue sky reference and brown ground reference.

  • Diam: 3 3/8" x 3 3/8" x 7"
  • 14VDC or 28VDC
  • Meets or exceeds requirement of FAA TSO-C4c.