Rapco Brake Lining Rivet Set and Punch Tool, from Rapco, ra-brt

Rapco Brake Lining Rivet Set & Punch Tool

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Rapco Brake Lining Rivet Set & Punch Tool

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  • Installs and Removes Brake Lining Rivets
  • Screw Type Set Offers Precise Pressure Control

A high quality tool designed for use in the installation and removal of tubular brass or steel brake lining rivets, 5/32 of an inch in diameter.. Recognized by professionals, this screw type set allows controlled pressure for a proper flare. This reduces the chance of cracking not only the rivet but also of the lining material. It also helps avoids the costly warping of brake assembly back plates and pressure plates, often associated with using the hammer type method. The RAPCO rivet tool is designed to be mounted in a vise or can be hand held. Packaged in a reusable case the RA825 is a quality tool for a professional job. Maximum set travel 1 inch. Maximum working area 1 1/4 inch.