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Magnetic Vertical Card Compass, TSO, from Precision Aviation, pcn-pai700

Magnetic Vertical Card Compass, TSO

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Magnetic Vertical Card Compass, TSO

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The PAI-700 Vertical Card Compass manufactured by Precision Aviation Inc. is designed to replace fluid-damped compasses. The dry magnetic compass design utilizes eddy current damping, providing a more inherently stable reading with reduced lead and lag.

The vertical card compass's easy-to-steer-by presentation overlays a fixed miniature airplane (lubber line) over the 360 degree rotating dial. This more natural presentation of directional information gives the heading reading at 12 o'clock off the nose of the airplane and presents all quadrants in their true relation to the line of flight.

Precision Vertical Card Compass is self-contained, requires no power except for lighting through 14/28v light-bar.

Manufactured to TSO C7c Type 1 exclusively by Precision Aviation, Inc.

Mounts sold separately, see below.