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MT 650-8

Michelin 650-8 Inner Tube, from Michelin Tire, mt-650-8

Michelin 650-8 Inner Tube

Item Qualifies for Free Ground Freight (48 States) on Orders Over $350

Michelin 6.50-8 Airstop Inner Tube

When you change tires, change tubes!

The name MICHELIN® AIRSTOP® says it all. MICHELIN® high-performance aircraft inner tubes.

MICHELIN® AIRSTOP® Aircraft Tubes provide long-lasting, dependable performance you can rely on in just about any operating condition. Because they’re made with advanced materials, MICHELIN® AIRSTOP Aircraft Tubes offer extended air retention and can sustain temperatures as low as minus 50°C. So when you fly with MICHELIN® AIRSTOP Aircraft Tubes, you fly with confidence.

Advanced Butyl Material
Exclusive Michelin® butyl compound offers excellent resistance to diffusion for extended air retention and dependable performance. Michelin® AIRSTOP® tubes help provide the same high quality seal found in Michelin® AIR X® radial tires.

Circular Extrusion Manufacturing Process
A Michelin® exclusive, Michelin® AIRSTOP® tubes are formed without a circumferential splice, resulting in fewer joints and a more uniform tubewall thickness after inflation. This helps provide optimized reliability at a minimal weight.

Built-In Balance
All Michelin® AIRSTOP® tubes are manufactured to exacting balance tolerances (without correction), which meet or exceed all industry standards. This eliminates the need to further balance the wheel assembly in order to compensate for balance irregularities in the tube.

Easy Installation
Tube lubricant is factory applied to the tube exterior for easier installation and to help minimize foldover after installation and inflation. In addition, molded vent ridges help channel trapped air back to the valve stem for easy release.

Low Temperature Performance
Michelin® AIRSTOP® tubes are designed to perform in the extreme low operating temperature of minus 50oC, so you can confidently fly in cold weather with consistent, reliable performance.

High Quality
Complies with Aerospace Standard AS50141.