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Type-K EGT Thermocouple, M8 x1 Thread, from MGL Avionics, mgl-egt

Type-K EGT Thermocouple, M8 x1 Thread, Experimental

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Type-K EGT Thermocouple, M8 x1 Thread

MGL's top quality, high temperature EGT probe. This unit can be used up to 1200 degrees C (2000 degrees F) short-term and 1100 degrees C indefinite.

  • Made from 310 grade stainless steel the probe will remain firm at high temperatures making this an excellent choice for turbo charged high performance engines.
  • The bolt has a 8x1 thread (Metric fine thread) as used by Rotax for their exhaust manifolds. The bolt is made from high tensile steel and is compatible with mild steel exhaust systems from a temperature expansion rate point of view
  • The probe is fitted with a 3 ft, stainless steel armored, mineral fiber insulated cable.
  • The probe is a "K-type" thermocouple.

This EGT clamp kit is used for exhaust systems that do not have provision for accepting the 8x1 thread of our EGT probe. In this case a small hole the same size at the probe tip is drilled into the exhaust manifold and the probe inserted and held in place with the clamp kit. The clamp kit includes a drilled stainless steel band with galvanized adjuster. A 8x1 metric fine pitch nut is included to hold the probe in place.