Baffle Seal Repair Kit, 9 ft, Best for small aircraft, from McFarlane, ma-baffle-kit-1

Baffle Seal Repair Kit, 9 ft, Best for small aircraft

Item Qualifies for Free Ground Freight (48 States) on Orders Over $350

Baffle Seal Repair Kit, 9 ft, Best for small aircraft


  • (1) 3 in x 108 in (9 ft) Cowl Saver™ (Part number CS085X3X108G)
  • (1) Baffle Seal Rivet Kit (Part number RIVET-KIT-2)
  • (5) Baffle Seal Retainer Strips (Part number 6036)

Best for small aircraft with straight baffle seals.

Baffle Seal Friction Destroys Cowls and Cowl Fasteners

Typical silicone rubber baffle seals have a coefficient of friction among the highest of any know material. This friction transfers engine vibration into your cowl and cowl fasteners causing fatigue, cracking, chaffing and erosion.

Cowl Saver™ Baffle Seal Material has 10 times Less Friction!

  • One side is silicone and the other is the revolutionary friction free surface unique to the patent pending Cowl Saver™.
  • Cowl Saver™ dramatically reduces the friction between your cowl and baffle seals.

Low Friction Saves You Money!

  • Reduces transfer of damaging engine vibration to the engine cowl
  • Minimizes cowl chaffing and erosion from baffle seals
  • Extends baffle seal life
  • Reduces expensive cowl and cowl fastener repairs
  • Reduces fatigue and cracking in aluminum baffles and cowl skins
  • The cowling even goes on easier!

Unbeatable Performance

  • Ideal balance of flexibility and stiffness to insure a proper seal
  • Fiberglass reinforced
  • Meets industry standard AMS3320G specification
  • McFarlane quality you can count on!