JP Instruments
JPI 450000

FS-450 Fuel Flow with Harness with o Transducer, from JP Instruments, jpi-450000

FS-450 Fuel Flow w/ Harness w/o Transducer

Price: $575.00 - Reg: $750.00
Item Qualifies for Free Ground Freight (48 States) on Orders Over $350

Fuel Scan FS-450 with Harness, No Transducer

With GPS interface, FlowScan Transducer and Fire sleeve

Purchase fittings separately to fit your engine.

  • Continuous display of fuel burned,in upper display in Gallons per Hour. Liters and Lbs per hr also available.
  • An amazingly low price includes Instrument harness and a Flow Scan 201 or 231 transducer.
  • When your EI, Hoskins or Shadin fails, upgrade it to the FS-450 using the already installed transducer.
  • Will function with any K factors with excellent accuracy; connector is pin to pin compatible.
  • Automatically calculates the K factor.
  • All programming done from the front panel.
  • Dimensions: 2 1/4" instrument round x 1.5" deep
  • Weight: Display 5.0 oz. Transducer 3.0 oz.
  • 3 year factory warranty
  • Serial port sends and receives data from all GPS units, even handhelds.
  • Calculates fuel to next waypoint.
  • FS-450 Can Mate to an old Shadin or Hoskins System
  • Gallons per hour can be changed tap liters or Lbs.
  • QUE lights indicate which function is being displayed in the lower display
  • Auto Button, starts the automatic scan of the functions. Rate can be set from 1-9
  • Continuous display of fuel burn in Gal/Lbs/Liters per hour.
  • Step button can index information forward or backward. All programing done easily from the from panel with two buttons and no switches to toggle.
  • Dual Displays show fuel-flow, GPH at all times.
  • Large bright digits for excellent viewing in direct sunlight
  • FAA TSO'd for reliability and accuracy
  • Displays gallons required to next waypoint or destination.
  • Programmable to display US gallons, pounds or liters
  • Remote "Warning Light" programmable with low fuel and low time warning.
  • Automatic reminder (flashing digits) to update fuel added. Fuel added can be set after take-off.
  • Total fuel used can be set to zero at any time during flight.
  • Return line systems (Pressure Carburetor) and gravity flow, no problem.
  • Display passed TSO-C44b with operational temperature range -67ºF to 180ºF. Also TSO'd for use in Turbo-prop aircraft.

Displays All These Functions:

  • Total Fuel Used
  • Fuel Remaining
  • Endurance in Hours and Minutes
  • Fuel Required to next Waypoint
  • Fuel Reserve at Next Waypoint
  • Nautical miles per Gallon