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P400-PRO Turbine Engine, 89 lbs Thrust, by JetCat

P400-PRO Turbine Engine, 89 lbs Thrust, by JetCat


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P400-PRO Turbine Engine, 89 lbs Thrust, by JetCat

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JetCat PRO engines provide the highest level of integration and maximum ease of installation. Engine sided fully integrated (no further external equippment necessary):

  • ECU (Electronic control unit), watertight conformal coated.
  • Brushless fuel pump (completely sealed, salt water resistant, high efficient)
  • Internal routed EGT probe (easily user replaceable).
  • Electric starter (user replaceable).
  • Direct Kerosene startup.
  • Shut-Off valves (solenoids) for main fuel and start fuel.
  • Threaded fuel supply connection via 8mm tubing, internal fuel filter.
  • 4-pin “Power-Bus” expansion connector (e.g. for direct connection of a smoker pump, or additional fuel transfer pump)
  • Power Supply Required: 3-4 cell LiFePo, 3-cell Lipo, 6cell Lead battery (=8-15V DC/ @25A peak)
  • Control interface options: Analog (e.g. 0-5V), 1 or 2x Servo PWM, RS232, RS485, CAN-Bus (control and data reporting)
  • Precise calibrated “fuel consumed/rest fuel” estimation and report
  • Electrical connection via 2x pigtail cables/connectors (Power & data/control)
  • Control cable connector: Autosport (9-pin) on 35cm pigtail, other connectors are also possible.


  • Bleed air port (e.g. for pressurisation of fuel tanks)
  • Brushless generator / starter (alternator) with integrated stabilized voltage output (e.g 80W @12.5V, different voltages/powers available on request).
  • Additional high power, 3-phase AC output (e.g. 500W/1000W @9-36VAC).
  • Autonomous charge/control /buffering of connected supply battery
  • Water tight sealed brushless alternator/starter
  • Salt water resistant engine shaft and bearings (for seawater recovery)
  • Idle RPM: 30000
  • Max RPM: 98000
  • Thrust at idle (N): 14
  • Thrust at idle (lbs.): 3.15
  • Thrust @ max RPM (N): 397
  • Thrust @ max RPM (lbs.): 89.25
  • EGT range (°C): 480-750
  • Pressure Ratio: 3.8
  • Mass Flow (kg/s): 0.67
  • Exhaust Gas Velocity (km/h): 2122
  • Exhaust Gas Power Output (kW): 116.4
  • Fuel Consumption @ max RPM(ml/min): 1300
  • Fuel Consumption @ max RPM (kg/min): 1.04
  • Fuel Consumption @ max RPM (oz/min): 43.96
  • Fuel Consumption @ idle (ml/min): 200
  • Fuel Consumption @ idle (kg/min): 0.16
  • Fuel Consumption @ idle (oz/min): 6.76
  • SFC @ max RPM (kg/Nh): 0.158
  • Weight (g): 3650
  • Weight (lbs.): 8.05
  • Diameter (mm): 148.4
  • Diameter (.in): 5.84
  • Length (mm) incl. starter: 353
  • Length (.in) incl. starter: 13.9

Operating Conditions:

  • Maximum Startup Altitude: 2600m (@STP)
  • Maximum Operating Altitude: 10000m / 32800ft
  • Fuel: Jet-A1 with 5% oil
  • Max Axial (Forward) Acceleration: 25G

*All data at STP +/- 3% ; STP: Standard temperature and pressure: 15°C, 1013mbar

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