P20-SX Turbine Engine, 5.25 lbs Thrust, from JetCat, jc-p20-sx

P20-SX Turbine Engine, 5.25 lbs Thrust, by JetCat

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P20-SX Turbine Engine, 5.25 lbs Thrust, by JetCat

The JetCat P20-SX engine fits ideally into small, compact jet models which could previously only be operated with e-impellers. Finally the sound, the power and not to forget the original "airfield atmosphere" fits.

  • JetCat Autostart
  • Optimized characteristic diagram control
  • JetCat kerosene starter
  • ECU V12.0, digitized bus system for minimum cabling effort and integrated telemetry function
  • ECU with auto-power-down function. ECU switches off automatically after cooling down process (RC system can be switched off, ECU remains ON until cooling down process is finished).
  • ID chip on the turbine side for convenient JetCat compatibility.
  • Operation via 2s LiPo battery. (not included)
  • CFD-optimized and 5-axis milled compressor.
  • Internal bearing lubrication with 5% oil content.
  • Supplied with all accessories for installation and operation (without battery).
  • Made in Germany
  • 36 months warranty

Whether single- or multi-engine, with the approximate dimensions of a cola can, the P20-SX fits perfectly into miniature jet models for hot evening jet flying. With a turbine weight of 350g, the "Minicat" is a real power gnome. From the outside in a streamlined design, its interior resembles a Swiss movement powered by kerosene. All the proven features of the "big" JetCat have been reduced in size.

Includes JetCat Mini-GSU

The JetCat Mini-GSU is an optional miniature Ground Support Unit (GSU). It comprises a 2x16 character alphanumeric backlit LCD display and 10 control keys.

Function wise it can be used as a 100% replacement for our normal GSU. Its small form factor and weight makes it ideally suited for permanent installation in the model.

Connection to ECU`s up to Version 6.0 is via a 8-pin miniature flatcable connector directly to the LED-I/O interface. Connection to ECUs from Version 10.0 is via a 6-pin miniature flatcable directly to the ECU or the LED-I/O interface or 8-pin flat cable to JetCat I/O-interface with charging option.

  • Thrust: Thrust 5.25 lbs @ 245,000 RPM
  • Pressure ratio: 1.5
  • Mass flow (kg/s): 0.05
  • Consumption Full load (ml/min): 90
  • Consumption idle (ml/min): 12
  • Weight [g]: 350
  • Dimensions of the diameter (mm): 60
  • Length (mm): 171
  • Weight set in box (g): 3.1 (~13 oz)
  • Carton dimensions (LxWxH; cm): 30x40x20
  • Exhaust gas temperature (°C): 480-690
  • Idle speed (1/min): 85000
  • Max rpm (1/min): 245000
  • Thrust at idle (N): 0.3
  • Thrust @ maxRpm (N): 24
  • Exhaust gas velocity (km/h): 1674
  • Exhaust gas power output (kW): 5.6
  • SFC @ maxRpm (kg/Nh): 0.188