GY 600-6-8FCIII

Goodyear Flight Custom III 600-6-8FCIII Tire, from Goodyear, gy-600-6-8fciii

Goodyear Flight Custom III 600-6-8FCIII Tire

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Goodyear 6.00-6 8 ply Flight Custom III Tire

High-Quality Goodyear Aircraft Tires - Flight Custom III

Goodyear sets new records for long wear, high-strength and dependability. The Flight Custom III tire is Goodyear's "Top of the Line" tire and features enlarged tread contact area, sculptured sidewalls and Kevlar® belts for added tread stability.


  • Deeper tread depth
  • Extra-wide Aquachannels
  • Kevlar belt package
  • Premium Wingstay formulation
  • Dual polymer tread compound


  • Up to 20% more landings
  • Superior wet traction
  • Enhanced treadwear and penetration resistance
  • Higher sunlight and ozone resistance
  • Improved traction and treadwear compound