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GI 275 CDI or MFD 3-1/8” Glass Flight Instrument

GI 275 CDI or MFD 3-1/8” Glass Flight Instrument

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Garmin GI 275 3-1/8” Glass Flight Instrument
Course Deviation Indicator (CDI) or Multi-function Display (MFD)


Adaptable to a full range of instrument formats and functions, the GI 275 electronic display lets you keep the classic look of your panel while upgrading with modern, reliable glass touchscreen display technology.

  • Out with the old, in with the new. It flush mounts in a standard 3-1/8” round cutout.
  • From piston singles to jets, it’s STC’d for more than one thousand make/model aircraft.
  • How do you see it? Attitude, altitude, airspeed, CDI, HSI, MFD or EIS.
  • It’s available with precise digital ADAHRS and interface to drive select autopilots.
  • Connect your cockpit with built-in Wi-Fi® connectivity and BLUETOOTH® technology.
  • Know you’ll get home with up to 60 minutes of optional backup battery power.

A dual concentric knob allows pilots to access a variety of key functions within the flight instrument, such as adjustments to the baro setting or airspeed bug. Highly scalable, aircraft owners can start with a single GI 275 and add up to a total of six in a single panel, paving the way for incremental upgrades and an array of individualized panel configurations.

Course Deviation Indicator (CDI) & Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI)

When installed as a CDI or HSI, the GI 275 is designed to accept a variety of GPS or navigation inputs, allowing up to two GPS sources and two VHF navigation sources. The GI 275 features an Omni Bearing Resolver that allows the flight instrument to interface to a variety of legacy navigators on the market without the need for an expensive adapter. With an optional magnetometer, it is also capable of providing magnetic-based HSI guidance. Vertical and lateral GPS, VOR/LOC and glide slope deviation can be viewed on the GI 275. CDI source selection can be accomplished through the touchscreen interface, while course and heading selection is completed using either the touchscreen or dual concentric knob. When pilots replace an older mechanical CDI or HSI, the GI 275 doubles as a modern digital indicator and adds MFD-like capabilities such as a moving map, weather, traffic and terrain.

Multifunction Display

Depending on the configuration and installation, the GI 275 is capable of displaying additional page functions and features beyond a traditional flight instrument. These features can include:

  • A multifunction display (MFD) with a moving map can display terrain, obstacles, traffic, weather, airspace information, airways, and more.
  • When interfaced to a GTX™ 345 or GNX™ 375, traffic information can be displayed on the dedicated traffic page or moving map. Patented TargetTrend™ relative motion technology and pop-up traffic alerts further enhance situational awareness.
  • The GI 275 can also be interfaced to a variety of traffic systems, including select Traffic Advisory (TAS) and Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance Systems (TCAS). Traffic advisories are displayed on the dedicated traffic page and moving map.
  • SafeTaxi airport diagrams display runways, taxiways, Fixed Based Operators (FBO’s), hangars and more relative to the aircraft’s location on the airport surface.
  • Terrain shading incorporates yellow and red contouring depicting the aircraft is 1,000 and 100 feet above ground level (AGL) respectively. Terrain information, as well as obstacle and WireAware™ database information can be viewed on the terrain and map pages.
  • The GI 275 uses its internal terrain and obstacle database to provide audible and visual terrain proximity alerts, including, “terrain ahead, pull up” and “obstacle ahead, pull up.”
  • When paired with the GDL 69 datalink receiver, the GI 275 is capable of displaying SiriusXM Aviation Weather. It can also display Flight Information Service-Broadcast (FIS-B) weather from either a GTX 345 or GNX 375.
  • An airport information page displays a variety of information, including frequencies, runway dimensions and more.
  • The GI 275 can be paired with the GRA 55/5500 and other third-party products to display a radar altimeter on a dedicated page. Visual and aural annunciations are also available.
  • The GI 275 is compatible with the GFC 600 autopilot, as well as an array of third-party autopilots and can replace the primary attitude indicator installed with these autopilots.

Garmin is pleased to introduce GI 275, a powerful electronic flight instrument that directly replaces legacy primary flight instruments in the cockpit. GI 275 is suitable as a direct replacement for a variety of instruments, including an attitude indicator, attitude directional indicator (ADI), course deviation indicator (CDI), horizontal situation indicator (HSI), multi-function display (MFD) and engine indication system (EIS). Capable of serving as a 4-in-1 flight instrument with attitude, airspeed, altitude and heading information, GI 275 can also be installed as a standby to a number of glass flight displays and is available with a 60-minute back-up battery. Lightweight and compact, the GI 275 is intentionally designed to take advantage of the common 3.125-inch flight instrument size, reducing installation time and preserving the existing aircraft panel. It’s also compatible with a variety of third-party autopilots and does not require a separate interface adapter, further reducing installation labor. GI 275 has received Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval and is available immediately for installation in more than 1,000 single-engine and multi-engine aircraft models.

Garmin GI 275 Flight Instrument


Save weight and maintenance expense: replace that aging vacuum pump-driven attitude indicator with a reliable solid-state ADAHRS-driven GI 275 electronic display.


To add situational awareness, your display can overlay attitude reference on an optional Garmin SVT™ synthetic vision landscape with flight path marker integration.


As your primary flight reference instrument, GI 275 features an integrated display to support all the essential readouts — attitude, altitude, airspeed and heading.

Garmin GI 275 Flight Instrument


The bright, high-resolution GI 275 touchscreen is sunlight-readable and maximizes the available space within the instrument panel cutout.


The GI 275 instrument can support display of selectable references to mark your arrival at a preselected altitude, heading or airspeed. Think overshoot avoidance.


With optionally available built-in autopilot interface, GI 275 can provide precise attitude information to drive select autopilots and display flight director command bar cues.

Garmin GI 275 Flight Instrument


For select aircraft and glass cockpit systems1, GI 275 can function as a standby flight instrument with MFD capability2 for mapping, traffic, weather and more.


The touchscreen on GI 275 makes accessing its functions a breeze. A traditional concentric knob is also available for those who prefer that style of data input.

Garmin GI 275 Flight Instrument


In addition to primary magnetic heading reference, GI 275 can accept inputs for VOR/LOC and/or GPS course guidance — along with distance and groundspeed indications.


For climb/descent profiles and approaches, GI 275 can display both vertical and lateral GPS/VOR/LOC course deviation cues, when available.


With appropriate nav inputs, GI 275 can optionally add HSI course guidance overlaid on a moving map display with flight plan legs, terrain, weather and more.

Garmin GI 275 Flight Instrument


When paired with select VHF Nav radios or GPS navigators, GI 275 can serve as your primary indicator for making, adjusting and tracking course selections.


With dual GI 275 displays3 as your primary flight instrumentation, reversionary backup capability retains attitude and heading data4 on the remaining HSI or MFD if an outage should occur.


For backup or nonprimary nav reference, built-in VFR GPS capability4 enables convenient Direct-to guidance with position depicted on the moving map display.

Garmin GI 275 Flight Instrument


When configured as an MFD, GI 275 can serve multiple roles, supporting displays for moving map, traffic, lightning, weather, terrain, radar altimeter, CDI and more.


Within the MFD configuration, a dynamic moving map page offers views of terrain features, airports, airspace boundaries, navaids, flight plan routings and more.


With select ADS-B “In” datalinks, GI 275 MFD pages will support subscription-free U.S. weather and traffic displays, including TargetTrend™ and TerminalTraffic™ technologies.

Garmin GI 275 Flight Instrument


When paired with an optional GDL® 69 SiriusXM® receiver, the MFD-configured GI 275 offers display capability for satellite weather coverage with graphical NEXRAD imagery.


For applications that require precise tracking of aircraft altitude above the terrain, GI 275 can provide display capability for select radar altimeters, including the Garmin GRA™ altimeter series.


Use built-in wireless connectivity to share data between the GI 275 and compatible mobile apps. Import databases. Stream weather, traffic, attitude information, EIS and more4.

Garmin GI 275 Flight Instrument


With optional interface module and sensors, GI 275 can serve as a primary EIS display for piston engine, fuel, electrical and other data. Use dual GI 275 displays to monitor twin-engine aircraft.


Graphical display of cylinder head and exhaust gas temperatures allows you to pinpoint the optimal fuel/air mixture for efficient power management.


This function of the Garmin EIS automatically checks the EGT of all cylinders and identifies your preferred rich/lean setting to balance efficiency and performance.

Garmin GI 275 Flight Instrument


In addition to fuel quantity, the Garmin EIS monitors fuel flow and GPS information to estimate how much fuel, range and flight time you have left to go at current settings.


With EIS on your GI 275, color-coded pilot alerts/advisories help maintain engine performance and safety. Flashing cues quickly identify out-of-limit exceedances.


EIS data on the GI 275 electronic display is automatically logged and available for wireless Connext® streaming to your mobile device — with automatic cloud storage in the flyGarmin.com® website.

1 See available interfaces
2 Standby ADI with HSI or MFD pages is available only for Class I/II aircraft
3 Both GI 275 units must be ADAHRS versions to support reversionary capability
4 Optional equipment may be required

  • Width: 3.25" (82.6 mm)
  • Height: 3.25" (82.6 mm)
  • Depth: 6.44" (163.6 mm)
  • Depth with Connector: 7.40" (188.0 mm)
  • Unit Weight: 1.9 lbs (0.86 kg) to 2.4 lbs (1.1 kg)
  • Active Display Size: 2.69” diameter
  • Display Resolution: 480 x 433 pixels
  • Operating Voltage: 14/28 VDC
  • Operating Temperature Range: -20°C to +55°C
  • Altitude Range: -1,500 ft to 55,000 ft
  • Wi-Fi Class: 802.11b/g/n





View Detailed Autopilot Compatibility

GPS Source


Internal VFR GPS

GNS 430W/530W Series

GNS 480

GTN 650/750 Series

GTN 650Xi/750Xi Series

GTX 335/345 (Requires Integrated GPS Variant)

GPS 175/GNC 355/GNX 375

Database Updating


GSB 15

Garmin Pilot App

Navigation Receiver


GNC 255

GNS 430W/430AW

GNS 530W/530AW

GNS 480 (CNX80)

GTN 650/750

GTN 650Xi/750Xi

SL 30



Honeywell (Bendix/King)

KX 155/155A/165/165A

KN 53

KX 170B/175B

Radar Altimeter


GRA 55/5500





Honeywell (Bendix/King)

KRA 405B

Traffic Source


GTS 800/820/825/


GTX 33/330/335 (TIS-A Only)

GTX 345

GNX 375

Avidyne (Ryan)






L-3 Communications




Weather Source


GDL 69A (GTN, GTN Xi or TXi Series must also be connected)

GTX 345

GNX 375

L-3 Communications

WX-500 Stormscope (GTN, GTN Xi or TXi Series must also be connected)

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