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Clear Cylinder Twin UAT, 350ml, by Flight Composite Tech, from Flight Composite Tech, ftpc-uat-clear35-t

Clear Cylinder Twin UAT, 350ml Air Trap, by Flight Composite Tech

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Clear Cylinder Twin UAT, 350ml Air Trap, by Flight Composite Tech

Introducing the Innovative Flight Composite Tech (FCT) UAT. Expertly constructed by FCT utilizing High Tech CNC Machining. Air Traps in Turbine Fuel Systems are designed to catch any air bubbles which can cause Flame Outs if they reach the Turbine. The centrally located fuel pick up incorporates the standard fine mesh type filter that is easily replaced and serviced.

As this design of UAT acts as a filter It is also important to be able to easily clean the filter, this is not something which can be easily achieved with currently available UATs. Either the whole UAT has to be replaced or a seal broken and remade. With this UAT ease of cleaning is designed in. And the unit reassembled easily as a self sealing 'O' Ring is included on the neck of the screwed fittings.

  • Clear Polycarbonate tube Anodized Aluminum Components - 350ml
  • High Quality Mounting Brackets with Hardware.
  • The whole front fuel nipple assembly is easily unscrewed.
  • 4mm fuel supply nipple. (fits Standard 1/8" Tygon).
  • 6mm vent and fuel feed nipples. (Fits Large 3/16" Tygon).
  • Compression Type Barbed Fittings.
  • Diameter:60mm(2.36").
  • Length: 165mm(6.49")Including Fittings.
  • Weight w/Brackets: 195g (6.87oz.)