Electronics International

EI OPT-1 - Oil Pressure/Temperature Gauge

EI OPT-1 - Oil Pressure/Temperature Gauge

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Electronics International OPT-1 Oil Pressure/Temperature Gauge

Precision Oil Pressure / Temperature Instrument features dual 90° analog displays, gives a quick reference for Oil Pressure & Temp with respect to their operating ranges. Different color arcs allow you to tell at a glance whether you are operating in a normal, caution, or restricted range. Digital display gives oil pressure to within 1 psi or 1°F. Various "red lines" & front panels available. 3 Lbs. Instrument is STC'd & TSO'd and REPLACES PRIMARY GAUGES.

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Kit Includes: Instrument, P-120 Oil Temp Probe, XS-6' Thermal Couple Cable, PT-100GA Pressure Transducer, Wire Harness, Installation and Operating Instructions

Dimensions: 2.5" x 2.5" x 3.65 " Depth, 2.25" Bezel

Display: Large LCD display, viewable in direct sunlight and backlit for night operations, and two 90 degree analog arcs for quick reference.

Power Requirements: 7.5 to 35 volts at .3 amps

Weight - Instrument: 10 oz.

Weight - Temp Channel: 4 oz for P-120 Oil Temp Probe and XS-6' Extension Cable.

Weight - Pressure Transducer: 8 oz.

Accuracy - Pressure: 2% in accordance with TSO C47/C43a

Accuracy - Temperature: 2% in accordance with TSO C47/C43a

Resolution - Pressure: 1 psi

Resolution - Temperature: 1 Degree (Fahrenheit)

Update Time: Twice per second