Electronics International
EI FP5L-90

Electronics International FP-5L Fuel Flow/Horsepower Instrument w/FT-90 Transducer

Electronics International FP-5L Fuel Flow/Horsepower Instrument w/FT-90 Transducer

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Electronics International FP-5L Fuel Flow/Horsepower Instrument
with FT-90 Transducer, for Gravity Fed Fuel System or HP Range 350-550

The Electronics International FP-5L Kit Includes

Instrument, Flow Transducer, Wire Harness, Installation and Operating Instructions.

EI FT-90 Transducer: For use in aircraft with gravity fed fuel system, or with HP between 350 to 550.

What is the Electronics International FP-5L? These instruments are the industry's premium digital fuel flow monitors. Many fuel flow monitors are either quick to respond and unstable, or stable but very sluggish in response to mixture control adjustments. The FP-5L use special proprietary algorithms, which enable the instruments to display fuel flow that is rock solid, yet responds instantly to the slightest mixture change.

Not only is the FFP-5L an outstanding examples of precision craftsmanship, but the flow transducers that provide the instruments with flow information are literally hand assembled by Electronics International's skilled technicians, ensuring every component of the transducer is finely tuned and balanced. This kind of obsessive attention to quality is one of the many things that sets our company apart from the rest, and is the reason why our flow transducers are used throughout the aviation industry.

EI FP-5L Functions

Fuel Flow
Accurate, Stable Fuel Flow with a resolution of .1 GPH. Flow can be easily set to disply in British Gallons, Lbs, Liters, or Gallons.

Horsepower is based on fuel flow, and is accurate up to the leaning process (add an FM-T to the Auxiliary Channel for accuracy througout all operations). This function an be set to read in percentage or raw Horsepower.

Fuel Remaining
The FP-5 and FP-5L calculate the fuel remaining in your tanks with a .1 Gallon resolution. Two programmable " Default Full Fuel" levels allow you to quickly reset the instrument to "Full" every time you fill your tanks. Alarms will alert you when you've reached programmed limits for remaining fuel.

Fuel Used
Fuel Used during the current flight, as well as fuel used since your fill up is kept track of to the tenth of a gallon.

Time to Empty
Time to Empty is based on Fuel Remaining and the current Fuel Flow. An alarm will alert you when you've reached a programmable limit.

Miles Per Gallon
Accurately keeps track of your gas mileage. This function can be displayed in Statute or Nautical Miles per Gallon.

Pressure Channel
The Primary FP-5 and FP-5L are not only a fuel flow instrument, but are also highly accurate, digital fuel pressure instruments when the fuel pressure function module is also purchased (EI FM-FP). Make sure when ordering that you have your upper and lower pressure limits available.

Recurring Fuel Used Alarm

The Recurring Fuel Used Alarm can be set for any whole number of gallons used, alerting you to change tanks at a programmable interval of gallons used. This is an excellent tool for fuel tank management.

Intensity Control
Independent control lines allow pilots to adjust the intensity of both the Green Indicator Lights and the LCD Backlight during instrument operations.

Red Low Fuel Warning LED
This LED will blink any time the programmed First or Second Low Fuel Limit, Time to Empty Limit or Reoccurring Alarm is reached. When displayed, the red LED is always at full intensity and will flash during instrument power-up.

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  • Dimensions: 2.5" x 2.5" x 3.65" Depth, 2.25" Bezel
  • Weight: Instrument Only = 11 oz., Flow Transducer Only = 6 oz.
  • Environmental: Meets TSO C44a/C47
  • Power Requirements: 7.5 to 35 volts, 1/10 Amp.
  • Resolution: .1 psi
  • Accuracy: 2% or better in accordance with TSO C47
  • PT-30GA: Every Primary FP-5 or FP-5L package comes with a Fuel Pressure Transducer, the PT-30GA.
  • Pressure Range: 0 to 40 psi
  • Over Pressure: 90 psi without damage
  • Min. Burst Pressure: 120 psi.
  • Temp Range: -40'C to 125'C
  • Material: 316L Stainless Steel
  • Pressure Port: 1/8" NPT Male