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CGR-30P 6-Cylinder Primary Twin Engine Monitors, Premium (2 Monitors) w/RPM, EGT/CHT & 10 Functions

CGR-30P 6-Cylinder Primary Twin Engine Monitors, Premium (2 Monitors) w/RPM, EGT/CHT & 10 Functions

Item:   EI CGR-30-T-6
Price: $8,998.00 
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Electronics International CGR-30P 6-Cylinder Primary Twin Engine Monitors
Premium Package (2 Monitors) w/RPM, EGT/CHT Bar Graph & 10 Functions

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Download the Approved Model List Here - Approved for Many Aircraft

What is a Premium Package? Glad you asked!

Main Screen Layout:
The RPM and EGT/CHT Bar Graph comes standard with every instrument. The arrangement of functions on the Main and Secondary screens is determined by FAA requirements. Main Screen Functions listed are the Primary Functions allowed for the Arc and Horizontal Gauges on the Main Screen. These functions replace the aircraft’s existing gauges.

The Premium Package Includes 5 of These Primary Functions:
(Requires Selecting Options Above & Redline Order Form Completion)

  • M.P.
  • Fuel Flow
  • Fuel Pressure
    (engine must have a fuel pump)
  • TIT
  • Oil Press
  • Oil Temp
  • Left & Right Fuel Level
    (counts as two functions)
  • Main Fuel Level
  • Aux Fuel Level
  • Vacuum
  • Volts
  • Amps

The Premium Package Includes 5 of These Non-Primary Functions:
Certain Functions Require an Additional Charge

  • OAT in °F
  • OAT in °C
  • Horsepower (Requires M.P.)
  • Flight Timer
  • Engine Time
  • Tach Time
  • Local Time
  • Zulu Time
  • Volts (No Limits)
  • Carb Temp
  • Amps (If not primary)
  • Fuel Flow (If not primary)
  • Hydraulic Pressure
  • G-Meter
  • Cabin Pressure
  • Cabin Differential Pressure
  • IAT
  • CDT
  • C.O. Detector


  • Fuel Flow on a pressure carburetor requires an FFDM-1 - $395.00
  • Fuel Pressure on a turbocharged engine requires an upper deck pressure transducer - $195.00
  • Fuel Level(s) option does not include the fuel level sensors.
  • The CGR-30P package will interface to your existing fuel probes.

EI is proud to introduce its CGR-30P, the best engine monitor available in the industry. The CGR-30P was designed to replace your aircraft’s tachometer. In addition to replacing your tachometer, EI's STC’d CGR-30P will replace MANY of your existing primary instruments. Because the CGR-30P is installed in a standard 3-1/8” hole, it doesn't protrude from your panel or cover adjacent instruments. This gives the CGR-30P a distinct advantage over the competition because it seamlessly integrates into your panel, is easy to install and is the perfect size to fit into any aircraft panel.

Specifications: 3.25” x 3.25” x 4.45” depth. Accuracy: 1/2%. Viewable in direct and indirect sunlight. Backlit for night operation.

The CGR-30P comes standard with a state-of-theart, fullcolor bar graph which assists with ROP/LOP leaning. Additionally, the bar graph has both “normalized” and digital readout screens. No other bar graph in the industry comes close to providing the number of options the CGR-30P offers. In addition to its bar graph, the CGR-30P can be configured to display a combination of the functions listed at the right.

Available Functions: RPM, MAP, EGT/CHT Bar Graph, Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature, TIT, Hyd Pressure, C.O., OAT, Vac., Fuel Pressure, Fuel Level, Fuel Flow, Fuel Remaining, Fuel Used, Fuel -GPS Related Data, Low Fuel Alarm, Recurring Fuel Alarm, Volts, Amps, Flight Timer, Tach Timer, Local Time, Zulu Time, Annuciators, Data Recording, USB Port, External Caution Lights, and More

Secondary Screen: This screen provides six additional functions to be displayed on the CGR-30P, as well as annunciators to display Main Screen alerts.

GPS Data Screen: This screen allows you to select between six sets of Fuel Flow, Fuel Remaining and GPS related data.

Fuel Quantity Screen: This screen displays the estimated Fuel Remaining for each tank, based on current Fuel Flow.

In addition to the “Main Screen”, the CGR-30P offers a “Secondary Screen”, a “Fuel Quantity Screen” and a “GPS Data Screen.” These additional screens give the CGR-30P flexibility not found in any other engine instrument.
  • Models: CGR-30P
  • FAA Certifications: STC’d, PMA’d and TSO’d
  • Weight: 1.1 Lbs
  • Environmental: Designed and Tested to TSO (DO-160G)
  • Software: Designed and Documented to TSO (DO-178B, Level C)
  • Minimum Performance Standards: TSO-C43c, TSO-C44c, TSO-C45b, TSO-C47a, TSO-C48a, TSO-49b and TSO-C55a
  • Power Requirements: 7.5 to 30 Volts, 0.1 amps @ 24V (Typ), 0.2 amps @ 12 Volts (Typ)
  • USB Port: For USB Memory Stick use only
  • Display: Active Matrix TFT, 262,144 colors, Sunlight readable
  • Backlight: External control line, programmable levels
  • Display of Primary Gauges with Red and/or Yellow Ranges: Five on the Main Screen + EGT and CHT, One on the Secondary Screen
  • Display of Primary and Non-Primary Gauges without Red and/or Yellow Ranges: Five on the Main Screen + EGT and CHT, Six on the Secondary Screen
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