BLA 20X12 S-3-WR

Biela 20x12S 3-Blade Sport Carbon Propeller, from Biela, bla-20x12-s-3-wr

Biela 20x12S 3-Blade Sport Carbon Propeller

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Biela 20x12S 3-Blade Sport Carbon Propeller - White with Red Tips

Biela Propellers are high quality propellers hand crafted in Poland. They have hollow blades, solid hubs, solid tips, and a hard, durable gel-coat finish. Biela props are some of the finest propellers in the world. The finish is impeccable. The shapes are scale like. The performance is wonderful.

The props of Biela-Sport type are developed with laminar airfoil of the prop blades, similar to the EX-Racing series, but with blade shape more similar to the D type props. The efficiency is around 10 % better compared to the standard version, also there is a better motor cooling at lower speeds (e. g. torque rolls).

Carbon fiber propellers from "Biela" come factory-balanced and certified to not exceed 8000 rpm. Those propellers are lightweight and very stiff with low level of noise. Center (mounting) part is reinforced with wooden block. Front surface is painted white with red blade tips. Back surface is always painted black.