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Free Shipping Over $500

Free Shipping on most aircraft orders over $350 - Click for More Info

Another way Chief Aircraft Inc. saves you more money!

With the high cost of shipping Chief Aircraft now offers FREE Ground Shipping on orders over $350 within the 48 contiguous states. This service includes ground freight on qualifying orders paid by credit card, wire transfer or prepaid check. Oversized packages (16"h x 16"l or larger and 25 lbs or more) and hazardous materials are excluded (these packages will be shipped at published rate with no additional markup). Our FREE Shipping includes insurance up to $5000 and email tracking. If you have any questions whether your order qualifies for the FREE Ground shipping policy, please contact one of our sales representatives toll free! Does not apply to Model Aviation. 2-4 day service from Oregon and Florida

Florida Residence Sales Tax Exemption for General Aviation Owners

Effective January 1, 2013 Florida Sales Tax Exemption for replacement engines, parts, equipment, and labor used in or for the maintenance or repair for fixed/rotary wing aircraft that exceed 2,000 lbs in maximum certified takeoff weight.

Chief Aircraft Inc. will honor Florida Department of Revenue bulletin 12A01-04 issued June 1, 2012

All orders shipped to Florida aircraft owners and out of state aircraft owners sending articles to Florida maintenance facilities must provide their "N-number" and the maximum certified takeoff weight in order to be entered on the sales invoice.

To be applicable for Tax Exemption in Florida the Aircraft Registration must match the billing information of the credit card holder, no exceptions. Documents/Information must be done at the order entry and cannot be later deducted after shipment.

Orders must be placed using or by phone.
Orders via Paypal services cannot be modified and will not be accepted.
Please provide Aircraft Documents/Information in the Comments section at checkout.

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