Anti-Corrosion Formula
ACF50 13OZ

Corrosion Block, 13 oz aerosol, from Anti-Corrosion Formula, acf50-13oz

ACF-50 Corrosion Block, 13 oz aerosol

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ACF-50 Corrosion Block, 13 oz aerosol

Stop corrosion in its tracks!

ACF-50 terminates the corrosion process. It penetrates corrosion cells and stops electrolysis. It will not repair damage that has already occurred, nor remove heavy scale associated with severe corrosion. Once treated, the scale will eventually diminish and the corrosion will remain in check. In milder cases of corrosion where there is only a white powder, ACF-50 will change the color of the powder from white to gray and the aluminum will take on a slightly mottled appearance.

As a penetrant:
Use ACF-50 to spray parts, cables, electric motors, hinges, etc., and allow it to soak. ACF-50 has a strong affinity for metal; it cuts through corrosion build-up and loosens frozen parts. It can even make corroded teleflex cables operate like new.

Avionics and electrical components:
ACF-50 will not harm avionics or electrical components. It is ideal for use on bus bars, circuit panels, canon plugs, connectors and antenna bases. Printed circuit boards can be sprayed, as well as rheostats and switches. In many cases, what seems to be a broken rheostat or switch is simply a malfunction due to corrosion and ACF-50 will make these components fully operational again.