Grease 22, Synthetic

Grease 22, Synthetic

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Grease 22, Synthetic, from AeroShell

Grease 22 is a fully synthetic grease designed for severe operating conditions including high bearing loads, high speeds and where long grease retention and high water resistance are required. Temperature range from -65 deg C to +2

AEROSHELL greases have been developed for a wide variety of aircraft lubrication applications. Shell's innovative Microgel thickener technology is used in several AEROSHELL greases to provide greases without the temperature limitations imposed by soap type thickeners. Microgel thickened greases also exhibit excellent load carrying ability and maintain consistency with variations in temperature. These factors help to make Microgell greases particularly suitable for a range of multi-purpose applications commonly found on aircraft. The multi-purpose features of many of the AEROSHELL greases enable users to lubricate their aircraft with fewer greases thus reducing inventory cost and minimizing the risk of a misapplication of the wrong grease.