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Spark Plug Resistance Tester, from Tempest Aviation Group, aa-at5k

Tempest AT5K Aviation Spark Plug Resistance Tester

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Tempest AT5K Aviation Spark Plug Resistance Tester

AT5K means: “At 5000 Ohms” change that plug!

The Tempest AT5K quickly and accurately checks spark plug resistors and quickly displays the results.

Note: The AT5K only checks resistance values. It does not replace, nor is it a substitute for, other tests required to determine a spark plug’s condition.


Checking Spark Plug resistance is important!

Excessive resistance causes:

  • Hard starting
  • Skipping, missing, excessive fuel consumption and pollution
  • Roughness in turbocharged engines
  • Roughness during lean of peak operations
  • Roughness at high altitudes
  • Spark plug fouling
  • Engine oil contamination from excessive carbon and unburned fuel entering the crankcase
  • Unnecessary electrical stress on ignition leads, contact points, capacitors and magnetos
  • Costly, unnecessary spark plug maintenance