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Medium UAT, 4.66 oz Air Trap V2, with Vertical Mount, 1/8" Fittings with Single Outlet

Medium UAT, 4.66 oz Air Trap V2, with Vertical Mount, 1/8" Fittings with Single Outlet

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Medium UAT, 4.66 oz Air Trap V2, by Jet Model Products
Dim: 1.75" x 3.75", 1/8" Fittings, Single Outlet, Vertical Mount

JMP has released a redesigned Air Trap. The earlier Air Traps worked great with the internal filter, but now you can replace the filter yourself and often times in the field. Just remove the Fuel Out fuel line from the center fitting on the core and unscrew the used core. A 5/8” deep socket is all it takes.

The redesigned Air Traps have several upgrades:

  • The machined parts inside and out are absolute perfection
  • The fiberglass body is made of multiple layers of a special fabric and resin
  • JMP has changed to a different air bubble diffuser and core that breaks up air bubbles completely before they enter the fuel feed line going to the pump. Filter cores in medium to extra-large models can be easily unscrewed from the Air Trap body and replaced with the new core and diffuser in minutes.

The screw-in removable core is not available in the Small size Air Traps because of the small diameter of the body. The same bubble diffuser used in the Medium size Air Trap is built inside the Small size Air Trap. MP can install a new diffuser in the Small size Air Trap, but it will need to be returned to JMP.

It is going to take some time to know when to replace the Air Trap core and diffuser. Obviously, there are many variables on this. As of now JMP recommends once a year or 100 gallons of properly filtered fuel to be safe. JMP has been making Air Traps longer than anyone else in this business and for a good reason. Excellent design, proper testing and great product support.

Construction: The Air Trap is constructed from aircraft grade aluminum and the finest West Systems Epoxy with a main body that is translucent. It is easy to visually check for system air leaks and overall fuel system performance. Proper Filling: The fitting with the smaller hole is for the fueling/de-fueling line. Do not allow any air to enter this line when removing the fill line from the fueling station. Fold this fill line over in your hand when the tanks are full and install the plug. Very little air should show in the Air Trap when the fuel tanks are completely full.

Proper Operation: Typical clunk style fuel systems found in model jets do not deliver fuel perfectly, especially when the model fuel tanks are near empty. Some air is normal to see in the Air Trap. An amount of air that would leave the Air Trap half full is not good. Either the main fuel tanks were run very low or there may be a leak upstream in the fuel system. This should be checked out.

Proper Orientation: The vertical design Air Traps are normally mounted straight up and bolted to the model control board. The horizontal design Air Traps are normally mounted with the mounting tabs bolted down to the model control board. On the horizontal design, this keeps the “Fuel In” fitting to the top. If you decide to mount the horizontal design Air Trap upside down to the bottom of the model control board, you must reverse the “Fuel In” fitting and the “Drain/Fill” hose barb fittings. Drain/Fill must always happen from the lower side of the Air Trap. Just remember that air in the system must be forced up and out during the filling cycle leaving the Air Trap completely full of fuel.