GAD 13 Adapter for G5 EFIS, from Garmin, gmn-gad-13-kit

GAD 13 OAT / TAS Adapter Kit, with C307PS Temp Probe & Connector Kit, for Garmin G5 EFIS

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GAD 13 OAT / TAS Adapter Kit with Probe for Garmin G5 EFIS
Includes: Davtron C307PS 12' Temperature Probe and Connector Kit

The Davtron C307PS Probe is an Equivalent Alternative to the GTP 59

The G5 electronic flight instrument is now capable of displaying outside air temperature (OAT) and true airspeed (TAS) using the GAD 13 Adapter and a Davtron C3607PS or Garmin GTP 59 temperature probe. Similar to other Garmin products, OAT is displayed along the bottom of the airspeed indicator on the G5, while TAS is displayed on the top. When G5 is configured as a directional gyro (DG) or horizontal situation indicator (HSI), wind speed and direction is also displayed in the upper left corner of the G5. For standalone G5 installations, additional hardware is required to display OAT and TAS.