WHL 90750

Parmetheus Plus PAR 46 Super-LED Drop-In Replacement Landing Lights, from Whelen, whl-90750

Parmetheus Plus PAR 46 Super-LED Drop-In Replacement Landing Lights

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Whelen Parmetheus Plus PAR 46 Super-LED Drop-In Replacement Landing Lights

Parmetheus Plus PAR 46 Super-LEDs are Now 40% Brighter

LED lighting is the ideal technology for aviation applications. Whelen LED lights are time and field-tested for reliability and long-life performance under the tough conditions required by Fire, Emergency, DOT and Law Enforcement professionals around the world.
  • Retrofitting for PAR-36 or PAR-46 Halogen and HID lamps.
  • "Drop-In" design offers easy installation and maintenance:
    • Power wiring attaches to brass screw terminals.
    • Weight is virtually identical to previous lamps.
    • Assembly design includes clocking notch.
  • First FAA Approved PAR-36 and PAR-46 Super-LED for Aviation applications.
  • Optical spot and flood combinations via Whelen's TIR'" (Total Internal Reflector) technology.
  • Replaceable, hard-coated, polycarbonate outer lens and metal, heat dissipating housing are moisture resistant.
  • PAR-36 available in Landing and Taxi versions
  • PAR-46 available in Landing only.
  • Five year warranty.
Luminous Intensity in units of Candela is the energy emitted in one direction perceived by the human eye,& Luminous Flux in units of Lumens is the total energy emitted in all directions perceived by the human eye. These isocandela plots show usable light intensities at horizontal and vertical angles up and down. The colors indicate intensities of the light output. The warmer the colors, the more intense the light output. Parmetheus Plus color temperatures reach 6,000 degree Kelvin, which simulates mid-day light.
Model Part # Type Beam
Amps@Volts Size Misc
P46P2L 01-0790750-20 Landing
Spot Light, 10°
105,000 1.3A@28V 5.65" Round
x 2.25" Face
to Screw Terminal
Outer Lens:
Drawing Number:
P46P1L 01-0790750-10 Landing
Spot Light, 10°
105,000 2.66A@14V