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Autopilot System 60 PSS

Autopilot System 60 PSS

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Item:   ST SYS 60 PSS
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The System Sixty is an economical autopilot with three ATI-size, panel-mounted mode selector/programmer/annunciators. System Sixty PSS can be installed as a stand-alone pitch-axis autopilot and can complement any brand of existing roll axis autopilot. Not dependent on aircraft altimeter or attitude gyro, system inputs are derived from solid-state absolute pressure transducer and an accelerometer.

FEATURES & FUNCTIONS (same as System Forty, plus OPTIONS)

Off Switch - Disables autopilot (A/P activated by pressing VS or ALT functions); smoothly holds existing altitude when engaged
VS (Vertical Speed) - Holds existing vertical speed when engaged
ALT (Altitude Hold) - Holds existing altitude when engaged
GS - Indicates glideslope coupling armed and/or active
UP/DN Buttons - Used to command vertical speed changes: 160 FPM change for each second button is depressed. In altitude hold mode (ALT), buttons trim altitude by 20’ of altitude for each second button is depressed
Pitch Trim Annunicator - When TRIM is lit, system is annunciating an out of-trim condition, and UP/DN buttons will indicate direction to adjust pitch trim
Pitch Axis Computer Three ATI Case-Contained

  • Control Wheel Altitude Hold Select
  • Manual Electric Trim (where STC’d)
  • GPSS (GPS Steering) Converter
  • DG / HIS Compatible
  • Yaw Damper
Certification: TSO-C9c, TSO-C52a, Various STCs
About S-Tec

In general aviation singles, light twins, and turboprops, S-TEC's rate based autopilot systems have a number of significant advantages over attitude based systems. You can expect safety, reliability, and performance whenever your autopilot is engage. S-TEC also believes in a building block philosophy which allows installation of an autopilot today as a foundation, and upgrading to a system with more features and functions at a later date. All S-TEC autopilot systems use common hardware, servos, and sensors throughout the product line which offers you significant advantages in serviceability, reliability, and overall cost. A multitude of autopilots are available from a simple altitude hold only to a full two axis autopilot with glide slope capture, vertical speed control, and dual mode intercept.

Manufacturer does not allow mail-order sales of Autopilots/Flight guidance systems to owners of Certified Aircraft. S-Tec Autopilots must be installed by an authorized S-Tec dealer, unless installed in a home-built aircraft. Avionics installations require special knowledge, skills, test equipment and tools. Call our Avionics Sales Staff for an installed price.
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