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Continental 6-Cyl Ignition Kit with (2) 6310 Mags, M2381 Harness & RHB32E Plugs

Continental 6-Cyl Ignition Kit with (2) 6310 Mags, M2381 Harness & RHB32E Plugs

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Item:   SLK K6320-32
Price: $3,699.00 
Item Qualifies for Free Ground Freight (48 States) on Orders Over $350
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K6320-32 6-Cylinder Slick Ignition Kit for Continental Engines

Includes: (2) 6310 Mags, M2381 Ignition Harness, (12) RHB32E 3/4"-20 Champion Spark Plugs
Note: Harness Lead Colors May Vary, Standard Gray will be replaced by Red as stock depletes

Engine Application Listed Under the Specs Tab
Download the Slick Champion Application Manual Here

  • Call for applications not listed or If you are unsure which magneto you require
  • All Prices are Plus Refundable Core Charge
  • Champion Slick Magnetos are Factory New with a 1 Year Warranty
  • Drive Gears Not included: Please remove them from any cores you return; $25.00 gear removal/return shipping fee

Magneto core Returns - Request an RMA for Core Returns Here

  • Slick Mag Cores Require an RMA Prior to Return
  • Cores need to be returned within two weeks from the original invoice date
  • Case and Eismann magnetos are NO LONGER acceptable Cores
  • Effective 12/4/17 Champion will only accept the following magnetos for core credit:
    • Slick 400 / 600, 4200 / 6200, 4300 / 6300 series
    • LASAR Magnetos
    • Also includes Slick magnetos overhauled by third parties
  • Acceptable Continental Bendix magneto cores are:
    • Bendix 20, 200 and 1200 series
    • D2000 / D3000 dual magnetos when returned against the purchase of a new Slick ignition upgrade kit
  • Cores must be operational as removed from the engine
  • Returned core must be a like part-number
  • All cores must have ID tags or will be rejected for credit

PLEASE NOTE: If you have any questions on core values please contact a sales representative.

  • Champion Slick Magnetos make timing, installation, inspection, and maintenance simpler and more convenient.
  • Lift-off housing – Internal timing is not disturbed during inspections.
  • Simplified internal timing – Improved internal markings and the Slick E-gap tool make timing easier & more accurate.
  • Fully sealed bearings – Keeps contaminants out and grease in for smoother operation and less maintenance.
  • Lower EMI Levels – Redesigned housing improves sealing and results in less radio noise.
  • Smaller and lighter unique design allowing for a dimensionally smaller magneto, resulting in easier installation and lighter weight- as much as one pound lighter than competitive magnetos.
  • Radio noise suppression- Slick magnetos feature superior noise suppression, eliminating the need for magneto filters.
  • Easy to maintain- Slick magnetos use up to 50% fewer parts than the competitive aircraft magnetos. In addition, 70% of the parts in any Slick magneto are interchangeable with the comparable parts in other current production Slick magnetos.

Modern airplane engines are required by to have a dual ignition system – that is, two separate magnetos to supply the electric current to the two spark plugs contained in each cylinder. One magneto system supplies the current to one set of plugs, while the second magneto system supplies the current to the other set of plugs. The airplane’s double ignition system provides better performance because of more efficient combustion and a higher level of safety through redundancy.

Teledyne Continental Motors

Engine-Model (Degree, HP)

IO-470-D (20°,260HP)
IO-470-E (20°,260HP)
IO-470-F (20°,260HP)
IO-470-H (20°,260HP)
IO-470-L (20°,260HP)
IO-470-LO (20°,260HP)
IO-470-M (20°,260HP)
IO-470-N (20°,260HP)
IO-470-S (20°,260HP)
IO-470-U (20°,260HP)
IO-470-V (20°,260HP)
IO-470-VO (20°,260HP)

IO-520-A (22°,285HP)
IO-520-B (22°,285HP)
IO-520-BA (22°,285HP)
IO-520-BB (22°,285HP)
IO-520-C (22°,285HP)
IO-520-CB (22°,285HP)
IO-520-D (22°,300HP)
IO-520-E (22°,300HP)
IO-520-F (22°,300HP)
IO-520-J (22°,285HP)
IO-520-K (22°,300HP)
IO-520-L (22°,300HP)
IO-520-M (22°,285HP)
IO-520-MB (22°,285HP)
IO-520-N (22°,300HP)
IO-520-NB (22°,300HP)

IO-550-A (22°,300HP)
IO-550-B (22°,300HP)
IO-550-C (22°,300HP)
IO-550-D (22°,300HP)
IO-550-F (22°,300HP)
IO-550-L (22°,300HP)

O-470-T (24°,230HP)
O-470-U (24°,230HP)

TSIO-520-A (20°,285HP)
TSIO-520-B (20°,285HP)
TSIO-520-BB (20°,285HP)
TSIO-520-C (20°,285HP)
TSIO-520-D (20°,285HP)
TSIO-520-DB (20°,285HP)
TSIO-520-E (20°,300HP)
TSIO-520-EB (20°,300HP)
TSIO-520-G (22°,300HP)
TSIO-520-H (20°,285HP)
TSIO-520-J (20°,310HP)
TSIO-520-JB (20°,310HP)
TSIO-520-K (20°,285HP)
TSIO-520-KB (20°,285HP)
TSIO-520-L (20°,310HP)
TSIO-520-LB (20°,310HP)
TSIO-520-M (22°,310HP)
TSIO-520-N (20°,310HP)
TSIO-520-NB (20°,310HP)
TSIO-520-P (22°,310HP)
TSIO-520-R (22°,310HP)
TSIO-520-T (22°,310HP)
TSIO-520-U (22°,300HP)
TSIO-520-UB (22°,300HP)
TSIO-520-VB (20°,325HP)
TSIO-520-WB (20°,325HP)

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