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3 Meter Viper Turbine Jet ARF, Blue/Black, from Pilot RC, prc-vip2-02

3m Viper Turbine Jet ARF, Blue/Black

Factory Order
Tailpipe & Gear: $5,629.00
Turbine Ready Version: $7,195.00
+ $1,566.00
$425.00 Flat Rate Shipping

3m Viper Turbine Jet ARF, Blue/Black, by Pilot RC
Residential Addresses Require An Additional $100 Delivery Charge

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Viper jets are synonymous for a great flying jet, and this one really fulfils with expectations. Fast, slow, scale, acrobatic, fun, easy, it simply ticks all the boxes for your next jet!

  • Full composite construction, lightweight and strong
  • Removable two piece fuselage, the tailpipe mounts only on the rear fuselage section, allowing for easy removal and transport.
  • Removable rudder, two piece wing and two piece stabilizer all for easy transport
  • Painted outside the mold so no seam lines
  • Pre-installed tubes for servo extension leads
  • Servo operated nose gear door. Mains attached direct to struts

Included hardware:

  • Complete Airframe (including carbon wing-tubes and fiberglass control horns)
  • Pilot-RC electric retracts and electric brakes
  • Scale cockpit without pilot
  • Dual wall tailpipe (for 160-310N turbines)
  • 6L kevlar fuel tank and fuel tubing prepped with fuel dot and breather valve
  • 2L smoke tank and fuel tubing prepped with fuel dot and breather valve
  • Aluminum air trap UAT
  • pushrods with ball links
  • Turbine Ready version also includes:
  • 8 Pilot-RC servos
  • Servo extension leads
  • Navigation lights
  • Wingspan: 130″ (3,260mm)
  • Length: 118″ (3,000mm)
  • Weight: 48.2lbs (21.9kg) – without fuel
  • Turbine: 200-300N
  • Servos: 9 high torque (Uses 1 per aileron, 1 per flap, 1 per elevator, 1 for rudder, 1 for nose gear door and 1 for steering)
Note: Due to constant design improvements Pilot RC reserves the right to change and modify design specifications without notice. Pilot's goal is to provide you with the highest performing airframes in the world using the latest technology, building techniques and materials.