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1.8 Meter Viper Turbine Jet ARF, AMG Silver, from Pilot RC, prc-vip18-10

1.8m Viper Turbine Jet Turbine Ready ARF, AMG Silver

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1.8m Viper Turbine Jet Turbine Ready ARF, AMG Silver, by Pilot RC

Turbine Ready Version: Includes all the standard hardware plus x9 servos, servo extension leads, all pre-installed. Just add your own turbine of choice.

  • Full composite construction, lightweight and strong
  • Two piece wing and two piece stabilizer all for easy transport
  • One piece fuselage
  • Recommended Turbine Size of 85-100N
  • Full composite canopy (not transparent)
  • Painted outside the mold so no seam lines
  • All live hinging with precision gap sealing


  • Complete air frame (including aluminum wing-tubes and fiberglass control horns)
  • Pilot-RC electric retracts and electric brakes
  • Dual wall tail pipe (for 60-100N turbines)
  • Fuel tank and fuel tubing pre-prepared, fuel dot and breather valve
  • Air trap UAT
  • Wingspan 77.1" (1,960mm)
  • Length 72.8" (1,850mm)
  • Weight: 20.7lbs (9.4kg)
  • CONTROL THROWS: Aileron: 9mm; Elevator: 15mm; Rudder:17mm; Flap: 57mm for landing , 25mm for take off
Note: Due to constant design improvements Pilot RC reserves the right to change and modify design specifications without notice. Pilot's goal is to provide you with the highest performing airframes in the world using the latest technology, building techniques and materials.