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3m FC1 3D Turbine Jet ARF, Red Star, Turbine Ready Version

3m FC1 3D Turbine Jet ARF, Red Star, Turbine Ready Version

Factory Order

Item:   PRC FC13-05-TR
Price: $6,995.00 
$425.00 Flat Rate Truck Freight to Commercial Addresses (48 States)   Add $100 for Residential Delivery - Inspection Required: See Policy for Details
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3m FC1 3D Turbine Jet ARF, Red Star, Turbine Ready Version, by Pilot RC
Residential Addresses Require An Additional $100 Delivery Charge

Notice of Product Issue: The brass part seen here has a danger of failure in flight. Please contact Chief or Pilot directly for a steel replacement prior to flying your FC1 again.

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Turbine Ready Shipping Dimensions (in): 37x74x29, 60 lbs
Gear / Pipe Only Shipping Dimensions (in): 37x61x20, 50 lbs
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Download the FC1 3D Manual Here

Turbine Ready Version Includes:

  • Airframe with Smoke System (Pump/Tank)
  • Electric Retracts
  • UAT
  • Fuel Tank & Vent
  • Vector Thrust Pipe
  • (10) Pilot-RC Servos & Servo Extension Wire
  • Hardware
  • Wing Bag (All Items Installed at Factory)

Pilot-RC is very proud to announce a new collaboration with the undisputed pioneers of 3D jet flying and designers of that very first 3D J10, Ralph and Enrico from Elster Jet. This new collaboration has led to Pilot-RC to produce their latest design, the FC1.

Designed to be both precise and highly capable in normal aerobatics and also extremely agile and light for 3D flying. Elster’s background in 3D jet flying has led to a number of innovative solutions that assure a light, strong and extremely capable and fun new aircraft to fly.

  • German design, by Ralph and Enrico from Elster Jet, designers of the first J10’s
  • Extremely lightweight full composite construction especially designed for outstanding 3D performance
  • Painted outside the mold so no seam lines
  • Ultra strong and light weight landing gear mounts, with factory installed blind nuts so mounting is just plug and play
  • Split fuselage design is joined with 5 screws, with only batteries and nose gear installed in the front section, meaning very easy connections and quick assembly at the field
  • Specially designed easy access to turbine for speedy installation
  • Wings and elevator are secured from the top
  • Removable wing and elevator for easy transport

Included Hardware:

  • Complete air frame (including carbon wing-tubes and preinstalled and painted fiberglass control horns)
  • Servo extension leads
  • Vector thrust pipe
  • 4,500ml fuel tank
  • 250ml UAT tank
  • Pre-prepared pushrods with ball links
  • Wingspan: 74.8" (1.900mm)
  • Length: 120" (3.055mm) including pitot tube (150mm)
  • Wing area: 1,734 in sq (11,190cm sq)
  • Weight: 31.0lbs (14.1kg) with JetCat P220Rxi turbine and full UAT
  • Turbine size: 140-190N for normal sport flying
    200-260N for 3D vector flight – Avoid high speed, high G flying
  • Servos: Total x10 (x9 standard size + x1 medium size)
    • x9 standard size high torque
    • x2 for ailerons (minimum 35kg)
    • x2 for flaps (minimum 20kg)
    • x1 for vector elevator (minimum 20kg)
    • x1 for vector rudder (minimum 20kg)
    • x2 for elevators (minimum 20kg)
    • x1 for rudder (minimum 20kg)
    • x1 medium size servo for steering (size: 35x15x30mm)
  • Control Throws:
    • Flap: Maximum available
    • Aileron: 45mm up / 30mm down
    • Rudder: 50mm left / 50mm right
    • Elevator: 70mm up / 70mm down (measured from the front)
  • Center of Gravity: 18cm forward of the front of the wingtube
    Once comfortable with the model and gyro turned on, slowly take back to 17cm
    Measured with empty main tank, full UAT, landing gear down.
  • Mixes: Even though this model can easily be flown as a conventional setup, the configuration used by Elster Jet for 3D flying is as follows:
    • Roll axis: Uses ailerons for roll and only 10% added Taileron movement
    • Full Flap: Uses approximately 2mm up elevator (measured from the front)

    VECTOR AND GYRO: Elster Jet recommend the use of the gyro systems by Powerbox-Systems. These offer two banks, each with individually programmable settings. These gains are approximate and WILL vary in your model, depending on your chosen servo’s speed, length of servo arm and other factors.

    AileronHeading Hold 15%Normal Gain 40%
    ElevatorNormal Gain 15%Normal Gain 45%
    Vector ElevatorOffNormal Gain 90%
    Vector RudderOffNormal Gain 90%

    Note: Due to constant design improvements Pilot RC reserves the right to change and modify design specifications without notice. Pilot's goal is to provide you with the highest performing airframes in the world using the latest technology, building techniques and materials.

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