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170cc YAK 55M 3D Wing Option, from Krill Models, krm-yk37-gbwing

37% YAK 55M 3D Wing Option

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37% YAK 55M 3D Wing Option by Gernot Bruckmann, by Krill Models

3D Wings by Gernot Bruckmann
For this year, together with Gernot Bruckman, Krill has prepared some changes for the YAK 55 M. A lot of ideas and experiences about the YAK55M came from Krill’s pilots. This airplane is very good for pattern and 3D flying as well. So Krill took this input and made some small changes with the set up and materials used. Now you get a stronger and lighter airplane with better flight characteristics. Perhaps the most welcomed change is Krill have started to use a wing tube instead of wing spars. This wing is stronger because inside are two wing spars. Anodized aluminum tubes provide even more strength. So no more spars sticking out of wing bags.

Also these planes now have 3D ailerons. About 30% more area then regular ones, center hinged and removable. But this comes with a “price”. 4 high torque servos (JR 8711) per aileron are needed. For all who love 3D flying .... the roll with this these wings is Amazing!

Also please note that 3D ailerons can only be made to a new set of wings at the time of your order. Unfortunately these cannot be fitted into existing wings with spars!!