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120cc Ultimate 300KS 120cc ARF, from Krill Models, krm-ult39-ysb

39% Ultimate 300KS MK2 120cc ARF, YSB Code

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39% 92" Ultimate 300KS MK2 120cc ARF Gas Airplane, YSB Code, by Krill Models

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Click Here for the Ultimate 300KS Build Manual

The Ultimate MK2 is the same size with some exciting upgrades:

  • The top wing is lowered about 60 mm
  • The engine axis is right in the middle between the wings
  • Ailerons are much bigger (about 60%)
  • This kit is allowed in competitive flight for IMAC or hard 3D maneuvers
  • Improved flying characteristics for competitive flying
  • Built in cooperation with Krill's great pilots Sacha Cecconi and Marek Plichta

The kit is designed for pattern flying and 3D aerobatics as well. Slim wings with a unique thin sharp airfoil allow the ultimate to use gas engines from up to 120cc sizes and give it an approximate final dry weight around 33lbs or 15kg.

Features of the 39% Ultimate 300KS ARF

  • Fuel Tank Holder and Painted Spinner (matches scheme)
  • One piece top wing
  • Carbon fiber lower wing tube
  • Ailerons surfaces have live hinges
  • Central hinged elevators and rudder
  • Integrated fuselage ribs made from of Herex, Alutex and Aicraft plywood
  • Stainless steel tube cabanes
  • Carbon fiber interplane struts, no additional flying wires required!
  • Quick field assembly
  • Carbon fiber landing gear with composite covers

The Ultimate 300KS Kit Includes:

  • Airframe (fuselage, cowl, rudder, stabs with elevators, clear canopy glued to the frame)
  • Wing and Elevator Carbon Fiber Tubes
  • Stainless Steel Cabanes
  • Carbon Fiber Interplane Struts
  • Carbon Fiber Landing Gear with Composite Covers
  • Hardware (screws, axles, graphite horns)

Krill decided to improve the Ultimate's flying characteristics and in cooperation with the great Italian pilot Sacha Cecconi they created an updated MK2 version built on the strong base of the current kit and tested with Krill's pilot Marek Plichta.

Krill also decreased the overall weight at the same time with reinforced wings (updated wing spar) for higher drain during aggressive 3D flying. They Fixed the cabane inside the fuselage, added interplane struts, replaced the tank holder and installed the rudder servo tray. Main landing gear attachment was also redesigned. Gabriel horns are used on all control surfaces, as well as, new builder friendly servo fixing on the wings.

  • Length: 100 in (2550mm) (with spinner; 93 in (2366mm) (With rudder, w/o spinner)
  • Wingspan: 92 in (2332mm)
  • Height (top wing): 31.5 in (799mm)
  • Wing surface area: 2,464 sq/in (159 sq/dm) Take off weight (dry): 33 lbs (15kg)
  • Servos: 7 Standard (4 - ailerons, 2 - elevators, 1 - throttle) & Rudder
  • Engine Size: 100-120cc (DA-120 or DLE-120), or 4-cylinder with equivalent power up to 140cc
  • Propeller: Requires a strong engine that supports 30x10" or 30x12" sizes

Important Note: Using more powerful engines such as a 150cc or larger will void the factory warranty of the airframe.