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170cc Sukhoi 29 Checker 1G ARF, from Krill Models, krm-suk37-ch1g

37% Sukhoi 29 Checker 1G ARF

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37% Sukhoi 29 Checker 1G Scheme ARF Gas Airplane, by Krill Models

Residential Addresses Require An Additional $100 Charge - Delivery Inspection Requirements

  • New and very practical servo installation for ailerons. No more ugly screws to look at and no more open bays.
  • New hinge, preventing ailerons delaminating.
  • New internal structure in the wings, 2 main spars! Wings are very solid and light.
  • Aluminum wing tube 45/1mm.
  • Carbon fiber motor dome.
  • Canopy and cowl already installed!
  • Predrilled aluminum landing gear.
  • Fuel and smoke tank floor already installed.
  • Slots for control horns are cut.

Chief Orders will Include Optional Clear Canopy

Kit includes:

  • Composite parts: fuselage, canopy frame with silver canopy, cowl, rudder, elevator, wings, wheel pants.
  • Accessories: aluminum wing tube 45/1mm, stab tube 22/1.5mm, aluminum landing gear, all necessary bolts and nuts, wheel axles and CNC cut control horns.

Components description:

  • Fuselage - vacuumed fiberglass sandwich with all bulkheads in place, including tray for 4 rudder servos. Tank floor installed and tied into side longerons, which can be used to attach all necessary equipment and radio components.
  • Wing - vacuumed fiberglass sandwich. Aluminum wing tube 45/1mm, each wing panel has 3 servo bays (JR 8711 is recommended).
  • Elevator - vacuumed fiberglass sandwich. Can be taken apart, hinge brass tubing is removable. Each half requires 2 servos (JR 8711 is recommended ). Two stab tubes, 22/1 and 10/1mm.
  • Rudder - vacuumed fiberglass sandwich, also removable with brass hinge tubing from the bottom. Should make it easier for transport. Servos recommended should have combined torque at least 60kg (133 lb.)
  • Canopy/canopy frame - Aluminum/titanium - comes with the kit. Canopy frame is fitted and attached to fuselage from our factory, using M4 bolts and dowels.
  • Cowl - made out of fiberglass, installed from our factory, using 8 M4 bolts. Engines from 150 to 170 will fit without any problems.
  • Landing gear and wheel pants - aluminum, mounting and axle holes are predrilled. Wheel pants are composite and ready for installation.
  • Wingspan: 117.7" (3m)
  • Length: 106.3" (2.7m)
  • Flying Weight: 36 lbs
  • Engine: 150-170cc
  • Required: 9 channel radio & 12 servos