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120cc Sukhoi 29 Race MP-1 Red/Yellow ARF, from Krill Models, krm-suk33-rmp1

33% Sukhoi 29 Race MP-1 Red/Yellow ARF

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33% Sukhoi 29 Race MP-1 Red/Yellow Scheme ARF Gas Airplane, by Krill Models

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  • Canopy and cowl are installed
  • Landing gear ready to be attached
  • Rudder servo tray glued in
  • Bulkheads installed
  • Fuel and smoke tank holders glued in
  • Wings and servo bays installed
  • Predrilled location for control horns an all surfaces
  • Predrilled plates for different engines included
  • Huge area in fuselage when canopy latch is removed

SUKHOI 29, just like all Krill's airplanes was designed using the latest 3D technology available, assuring a precise fit of all the parts. Priorities were a clean aerodynamic plane, together with new components and new set ups, to allow this plane to be used in every aspect of flying, either F3M, IMAC or 3D.

The way this plane is set up from our factory and staying within a recommended CG location, you will not need any mixing in knife edge or inverted!!! Snap roll are stopped immediately and very crisp!!

Parts description:

  • Fuselage: vacuum sandwich with all bulk heads installed, including c/f inside canopy frame
  • Wings: vacuum sandwich; aluminum wing tube 40mm, each panel needs 2 servos( JR 8711 recommended).
  • Elevators: vacuum sandwich; Can be taken apart if needed. Hinge wire is a brass tubing. Each half has one mount for servo. Two aluminum tubes 10/1mm.
  • Rudder: vacuum sandwich. Hinge wire is a brass tube, removable on the bottom, if rudder needs to be removed for transportation.
  • Canopy hatch: Made from Aluminum & titanium. Canopy frame is fitted on to fuselage from factory. Only two M4 screws and two wooden dowels are used.
  • Cowl: Fiber glass part. Fitted to the fuselage and attached using 8 M4 screws. Any 80 - 120ccm size engine will fit in without any problems.
  • Landing gear: aluminum, with all the holes predrilled. Wheel pants are fiberglass.
  • Wingspan: 103" (2.62m)
  • Length: 93" (2.36m)
  • Flying Weight: 25.3 lbs (11.5 kg)
  • Engine: 80-120cc
  • Required: 9 channel radio & 5-10 servos