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2.8m Laser Z-2300 MK2 150-170cc ARF, from Krill Models, krm-las39-ccp

Krill 39% 2.8m Laser Z-2300 MK2 150-170cc ARF, CECO Purple

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39% 2.8m Laser Z-2300 MK2 150-170cc ARF Gas Airplane, CECO Purple, by Krill Models

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Redesigned Laser Z2300 MK2 Updates

  • Increased wing area by about 11% using the same ailerons and wingspan
  • Redesigned and increased rudder size
  • Redesigned cowling intake openings and increased the area of exhaust port for better engine cooling
  • Redesigned interior fuselage space

The LASER Z-2300 kit was developed by Krill's team in co-operation with Gernot Bruckmann and Peter Wessels. This kit is designed for pattern and 3D flying. A decision was taken to improve flying characteristics of original Laser Z2300 especially for IMAC and the result is the LASER Z2300 Mk2. Wing surface was increased by around 11% combined with a bigger rudder and redesigned cowl air intakes for better cooling of engines during hard 3D maneuvers. Also feastures a lighter inner fuselage structure for radio equipment.

The kit's size (2800 mm wingspan) is designed for 150 ccm engies and its flight characteristics correspond to the category of 3m models and while transportation dimensions in the category of 2.6 m models.

Standard content of the kit:

  • Airframe (fuselage, cowling, rudder, stabs with elevators, clear canopy (blue tinted) glued to the frame)
  • Wing and Elevator Wing Tubes
  • C/F landing gears
  • Wheel covers
  • Wheel axis
  • All screws for canopy and cowl mounting
  • GF set of horns
  • Wingspan: 2800 mm
  • Length: 2692 mm incl. Rudder and spinner; 2402 mm excl. Rudder, spinner included
  • Wing Area: 2,054 sq in (132.5 sq dm)
  • Airframe weight: 7.6 kg
  • Take off weight (dry): 16.5 kg
  • Engine: 2 cylinder like MVVS 152, DA150 or better
  • Servos: 4 strong servos – Ailerons, 2 strong servos - rudder, 2 strong servos – elevators, 1 standart servo – throttle