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120cc Extra 330LX ARF, SPIN Blue, Includes Spinner & Fuel Tray, from Krill Models, krm-e330lx-34-spin-b

34% Extra 330LX ARF, Spin Blue, Includes Spinner & Fuel Tray

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34% Extra 330LX ARF, Spin Blue, by Krill Models
Includes Spinner & Fuel Tray

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The Extra 330LX 34% was designed by KRILL MODEL and comes from bigger brother in the 37% size. The design is similar to the "SC" version and the Extra 330LX is a near perfect scale model of the popular Extra 330LX by Mr. Walter Extra. The size of the ailerons is midsize between the 330LX in 37% and classic Krill Extra 330SC. You can use this kit perfectly for precision flying, but it's suitable for 3D aerobatics too. The Kit is not just the SC version with a larger canopy to looks like the LX version. All of parts are redesigned from the fuselage to the rudder. A large canopy comes standard with a grey tint. In comparison to SC of the same size, the 330LX is much lighter due to it's redesigned construction of the entire kit.

  • The wings, rudder, and elevators have central hinged control surfaces.
  • Each Aileron uses two servos
  • Each elevator uses only one servo per side, The rudder only uses one servo
  • 8 servos are required in total inlcuding the throttle
  • The underside of the motor dome has been specially designed to aid in efficient engine cooling
  • The landing gear covers (skirts) are integrated into fuselage finishing off the fuse with some scale details
  • Included are carbon fiber main wing tube and stab tubes
  • The grey tinted canopy is pre-bonded into the canopy frame
  • The cowling and UC gear are pre-installed
  • The firewall is set up for 100-120cc engines
  • The carbon fiber landing gear and wheel pants are designed for very easy assembly
  • Includes wings screws, canopy and cowl screws, set of horns
  • Length (spinner to rudder): 97" (2.46m)
  • Wingspan: 103" (2.62m)
  • Weight with Engine and Mufflers (no batteries or fuel): ~29.8 lbs