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KRM E330 41-XX

41% Extra 330SC Green GBM Custom ARF Gas Airplane, from Krill Models, krm-e330-41-xx

41% Extra 330SC Green IDO Custom ARF, with DA 4-Cyl Firewall, Split Cowl, Spinner & Fuel Tray

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41% Extra 330SC Green IDO Custom ARF Gas Airplane, by Krill Models
with DA 4-Cylinder Firewall, Split Cowl, Spinner & Fuel Tray

Residential Addresses Require An Additional $100 Charge - Delivery Inspection Requirements

Custom Factory Upgrades

  • Painted spinner matched to color scheme
  • Fuel Tank holder Tray with mounting hardware
  • Secraft Pull-Pull rudder servo configuration (2 servos)
  • Spinner cut for a Falcon 31x14 2-Blade Propeller
  • All control horns glued in for all surfaces (Wings, Rudder, Stabs)
  • Landing gear holes drilled for axles and wheel pants (blind nuts installed)
  • All servo arm slots cut on all surfaces (Wings, Rudder, Stabs) for the MKS HBL3850 Servos and MKS X8 Servo Arms (Slots are cut big enough on each surface for max deflection of every servo arm)
  • Stab tube mounting hardware installed (Drilled from beneath both stabilizers with round wood and blind nuts installed in the main stab tube)

The 41% 330SC is first the EXTRA from the KRILL Model. The airplane was designed by Gernot Bruckmann and he has offered his help with all questions concerning set-up or tricks for the new EXTRA. Krill worked with Gernot to develop the Extra to achieve a near perfect scale model of the popular Extra 330sc with out compromising full aerobatic performance!

You can see some practical details on the airframe:

  • The landing covers (skirts) was integrated to the fuselage
  • Under motor dome special embossed for better ventilation air from outside the cowl and some more practical tricks.

The airplane is full composite with additions and improvements from other models:

  • The wings have central hinged ailerons
  • Included are carbon wing and the stab tubes
  • The clear canopy is glued to the canopy frame
  • Installed cowl and the canopy
  • Installed landing gear
  • All ribs are composite and installed inside the fuselage (included is a rudder arm tray 117mm made from aluminum)
  • Included in the kit is a tail wheel and two main wheels 120mm with bearings
  • The firewall is set up for 170-190 cc engines. But for an extra charge Krill offers a set up for 4-cylinder engines
  • The rudder rib is composite with four hinges F/G (very light and strong)
  • The wheel pants are molded for the C/F landing gear - very easy assembly

Kit Includes

Composite parts: Airframe, Clear canopy glued to the cabin frame, Landing gear, Wheel pants, Wing tube, Stab joiner tube

Hardware: (2) Wheels, Tailwheel, Wing screws, Rudder tray horn (117mm installed), CNC control horns

  • Wingspan: 122" (3.1m)
  • Length: 114.1" (2.9m)
  • Wing Area: 169.7 dm2
  • Weight: 39 lb (17.7 kg)
  • Engine: 170-210cc
  • Radio: 5+ Channel