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Avanti S-FC Jet 2.1m ARF, Red and Black, with Electron Landing Gear & Carbon Canopy, from Krill Models, krm-avanti-rBW

Avanti S-FC Jet 2.1m ARF, Red/Black, w/Electron Gear & Blue Painted Canopy

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Avanti S-FC Jet 2.1m ARF, Red/Black, by Krill Models
with Electron Landing Gear & Blue Painted Canopy

Residential Addresses Require An Additional $100 Charge - Delivery Inspection Requirements
Factory Tested to 320 KMH (198 MPH) - Download Instruction Manual

  • 2.1M Length 3D Sport Jet
  • Larger Intake
  • Front Gear Door Hinges Installed
  • Electron Landing Gear Included
  • Full Composite Design

Features a design by Sebastiano Silvestri, the 15 time champion designer and builder or RC aircraft. Features a full composite design with many upgrades to the airframe itself. Keep checking back for more updates on this amazing 3D Jet.

Avanti Kits Now Include Electron 40V Electric Retractable Landing Gear Set

  • Set Includes: Retract Gear Set, (3) Wheels & Magnetic Brakes
  • Electronic Control, no air leaks or delicate valves.
  • Robust, accurate and compact design; aluminium 7075 machined in CNC last generation machines.
  • Highly accurate structure machined from a solid block, which gives great stability to the entire system, resulting in a smooth operation and without gaps.
  • Spindle mounted between bearings for smoother operation, safe and durable.
  • Operating speed very real, electronically controlled.
  • Very simple installation without complex air circuits.
  • 100% reliable and strong.
  • Wingspan: 82.68 in (2.1m)
  • Length: 87.4 in (2.2m)
  • Recommended Turbine: 160N-180N