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Ares S 2.6m Giant Sport Jet ARF, from Krill Models, krm-ares26-org1

AreS L 2600 Sport Jet ARF, DH-C Orange

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AreS L 2600 Sport Jet ARF, DH-C Orange, by Krill Models

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Introducing the smaller brother of AreS XL in a 2600mm length with the same incredible flying characteristics. A decision was taken to build a smaller brother to AreS XL for everybody for whom the AreS XL was too big and expensive. Here it is, the AreS L with the same incredible flying characteristics and performance. The smaller AreS L is not only smaller version of AreS XL, but the reduced size only changed a few of the construction details and proportions.

  • Perfect for competitive 3D and weighs only 18-21 kg RTF
  • Same flying characteristic as the AreS XL
  • Same build quality on the wings, ailerons and flaps
  • Easy assembly of the wing with a central CF joining tube, 2 guiding tips and 1 securing screw, no tools required
  • Extended Canopy length for easy install/inspection of turbine
  • Removable fin and stabs for better transportation
  • Kit is suitable for turbines sizes P130-P220
  • Length: 2600 mm
  • Wingspan: 2200 mm
  • Weight: 13 kg; RTF: 18-21 kg (incl. fuel and 220N turbine)
  • Turbine: 130N to 250N
  • Radio: 7 channels