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GDL 84, WAAS ADS-B Data Link System, with Flight Stream, GPS Antenna & Install Kit

GDL 84, WAAS ADS-B Data Link System, with Flight Stream, GPS Antenna & Install Kit

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Item:   GMN K10-00233
Only $3,495 w/Flight Stream 110
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GDL 84, with Integrated WAAS ADS-B Data Link System, by Garmin
Includes: Flight Stream, GPS Antenna, Config Module & Install Kit

Affordable, Stand-alone ADS-B "Out/In" Solution

  • Dual-link solution meets U.S. ADS-B “Out” requirements
  • Displays subscription-free ADS-B weather and datalink traffic on your iPad® or other compatible products
  • Packaged with Flight Stream™ 110 device for wireless connectivity with tablets/mobile devices via Garmin Connext™
  • Built-in SBAS/WAAS GPS receiver
  • Supports patent-pending TargetTrend traffic and SURF display
For U.S. aircraft owners seeking an easy, cost-efficient way to meet the requirements for ADS-B “Out” equipage – while enjoying the “In” benefits of subscription-free weather and traffic – our Garmin GDL 84 offers the ideal solution.

This is Do-it-all ADS-B
Under the provisions for NextGen ATC implementation, all aircraft operating in controlled U.S. airspace will need to be equipped with Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) “Out” technology before end-of-year 2019. The GDL 84 offers a smart, all-inclusive installed solution for the many GA pilots who operate below Class A airspace (18,000 feet) in the U.S.

Dual-link Means Complete Air-to-air Coverage
Using its built-in WAAS GPS receiver, the GDL 84 generates precise information about your aircraft’s position, track and ground speed. It then broadcasts this information to the ADS-B ground station network for relay to ATC and other ADS-B “In” equipped aircraft in the airspace. The dual-link (1090 MHz and 978 MHz) frequency reception capability of the GDL 84 enables it to receive air-to-air position reports directly from other aircraft, so you can always see those ADS-B broadcasting aircraft in your vicinity, regardless of which datalink frequency they’re using. Accessing both of the available ADS-B frequencies used in the U.S. system, your GDL 84 ensures a more complete situational picture – for added confidence in all phases of flight.

Stream Weather and Traffic to Your iPad
The GDL 84 package doesn’t depend on an installed display to provide the benefits of ADS-B “In” to your cockpit. With its included Flight Stream wireless gateway device, the GDL 84 works to keep your NextGen compliance costs low, while providing the means to uplink and display subscription-free U.S. ADS-B weather and traffic on your Garmin Pilot™ equipped iPad or other compatible mobile device. On the weather side, you can view animated NEXRAD imagery, METARs, TAFs, winds and temperatures aloft, PIREPs, NOTAMs and more. Plus, on the traffic side, your tablet can display moving target symbols and alerts to help you recognize any potential conflict scenarios in busy airspace.

Access More Advanced Capabilities
In addition to audible target alerts (“Traffic. Two o’clock. High. Two miles.”) the GDL 84 will also support the latest in ADS-B traffic display capabilities, which can be viewed with the Garmin Pilot app on your iPad or other compatible tablet. Our patent-pending TargetTrend relative motion tracking technology, for example, offers a faster, more intuitive way of judging aircraft trajectories and closure rates in relation to your aircraft’s flight path. Likewise, in the airport environment, Garmin SURF technology works with SafeTaxi® to support geo-referenced display of ADS-B-equipped targets, including taxiing aircraft and ground service vehicles, on the surface diagram.

Single-entry Squawk Code
The NextGen equipage rules require your ADS-B “Out” source must be able to squawk the same code as your transponder. The GDL 84 has the ability to automatically synchronize with your onboard transponder for its squawk code, and then transmit that data through its own datalink. Not only does this provide a single point of data entry for ADS-B “Out”, but it also allows you to meet the new regulations without the need for expensive control system or transponder upgrades. Thus, GDL 84 works in the background to make code entry fast and easy – while helping to make your path to ADS-B compliance as simple, straightforward and cost-effective as possible.

You Can Grow From Here
As the NextGen airspace system evolves, you may find that you want to add ADS-B weather and traffic interface capabilities to an MFD or other navigation display onboard your aircraft. While the GDL 84 is designed for use with compatible tablets and smart devices only, Garmin does offer an easy growth path to installed-system display capability. For a minimal cost, your GDL 84 can be returned to Garmin for factory upgrade to a GDL 88 configuration. With this upgrade, your receiver can bring all the graphical benefits of ADS-B to your in-panel Garmin flight displays.
  • Unit size, WxHxD: 1.75" x 6.17" x 7.12" (4.44 x 15.7 x 18.1 cm) including mounting rack and connectors
  • Weight: 4.13 lbs (1.87 kg) with WAAS GPS
  • Temperature: -55°C to +70°C
  • Operating altitude: To 55,000 ft
  • Power input: 14 or 28 VDC (20 W max.)
  • Transmitter output: 4 dBm (2.5 mW)
  • Cooling input: Integrated
  • Environmental compliance (TSO Approved): DO-160F
  • Software compliance (TSO Approved): DO-178 Level D and Level B
  • Hardware compliance (TSO Approved): DO-254 Level C
  • TSO compliance (Approved): TSO-C145c (B2), TSO-C154c (A1S/A1H), TSO-C157A, TSO-C166b (A1/A1S), TSO-C195a (C1,C2,C3)
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