GAD 43e Autopilot Interface Adapter for G500/G600, from Garmin, gmn-gad-43e

GAD 43e Autopilot Interface Adapter for G500/G600


The GAD 43e adapter unit offers enhanced autopilot interface capabilities for the G600/G500 flight display systems. Like the GAD 43, the GAD 43e can enable AHRS digital altitude/heading reference with selected autopilots in place of costly-to-maintain ADI gyro indicators. The GAD 43e can also interface to analog VOR/LOC/GS receivers, and functions as an altitude preselector and vertical speed controller when interfaced with compatible autopilots. It will even enable the display of marker beacon lamps, DME distance, synchro ADF bearing and analog radar altitude on your G500/600. These new interface capabilities work to reduce the workload of the pilot.

Add Autopilot Interface to Your Installation
Providing analog attitude information for use with a wider array of third-party autopilot systems, the GAD 43e adapter interfaces with the G500/600 flight display for configuration and alerting, including the GRS 77 remote AHRS unit for attitude, heading, and yaw input information. Thus, for attitude-based autopilots, the GAD 43e can emulate the system’s gyro interfaces (such as the familiar KI-256) with far more reliable AHRS data. This typically allows the existing ADI or attitude gyro to be removed and replaced on the panel with a smaller and more affordable attitude indicator as one’s backup instrumentation.

The GAD 43e allows owners to keep their existing analog NAV radios and display VOR/LOC/GS on their G600/G500 flight display system. When interfaced to eligible autopilots, the GAD 43e functions as an altitude preselector and vertical speed controller. It also enables the G600/G500 flight display system to incorporate marker beacon lamps, DME indicators, synchro ADF bearing pointers and analog radar altimeter indicators. Enjoy the Simplicity of Industry Standard Interfaces
The GAD 43e is designed as an open architecture system that uses typical XYZ (ARINC 407), ARINC 429 and RS-232 interfaces. It also includes analog radar stabilization signals, bootstrap heading output and a bar altitude correction interface. System includes: GAD 43e adapter, Installation kit

Autopilot Gyro Emulation GAD 43e GAD 43
King KI-256 (or equivalent) used on KAP 100, KAP/KFC 150, KAP/KFC 225 and KFC 275 Yes Yes
Collins 332D-11T used on selet AP-65 installations Yes Yes
King KVG 350 used on KFC 250, 300 and 275/325 Yes Yes
Century 21, 31, 41 and 2000 Yes Yes
Functionality/Compatibility GAD 43e GAD 43
Pitch Output Yes Yes
Roll Output Yes Yes
Heading Output Yes Yes
Yaw Rate or Baro Correction Yes Yes
Radar Stabilization Output Yes Yes
Altitude Preselector with Collins APS-65; KAP/KFC 150; KFC 275/325; S-TEC 55X, 60-2, 65, PSS. (KFC 200 expected 2nd quarter 2013.) Yes No
Vertical Speed Controller with KAP/KFC 150; KFC 275/325; S-TEC 55X, 60-2 65, PSS Yes No
Dual Analog VOR/LOC/GS Input* Yes No
Analog Radar Altitude Input Yes No
DME Distance Input Yes No
Marker Beacon Lamp Input Yes No
Synchro ADF Input (ARINC 407) Yes No