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Altitude Alert/Super Clock, STC, FAA-PMA, TSO, from Electronics International, ei-asc-5

Altitude Alert/Super Clock, STC, FAA-PMA, TSO

Item Qualifies for Free Ground Freight (48 States) on Orders Over $350

Altitude Alert/Super Clock, STC, FAA-PMA, TSO

No need to wonder any longer what your altitude encoder is transmitting to ATC!

  • Reads your Altitude Encoder and displays your current altitude as seen by ATC.
  • Display indicates when your current altitude is above or below programmed target altitude.
  • "Level Off Alarm" occurs as you approach your programmed target altitude.
  • "Deviation Alarm" occurs if you deviate from your target altitude.
  • Programmed Approach Altitude may be set to alert you when you have reached MDA, DH, pattern altitude, wheels down altitude or any altitude for which you wish to set the alarm.
  • Displays density altitude based on your current OAT reading.
  • Displays Outside Air Temperature. °F or °C
  • Programmable timer which may be set as an "Up" or "Down" timer. When set as an Up timer, Timer starts automatically when your current altitude reaches 300' above the ground.
  • A recurring alarm may be set to alert you at appropriate time intervals. Example: If alarm is set for 30 min., you will get an alarm at 30, 60, 90 min, etc. Use for reminders such as switching fuel tanks.
  • Displays Local & Zulu Time. Local clock may be set to 12 or 24 Hr