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EE E2M-1000

Differential Pressure Tester, E2M-1000, from Eastern Technology Corp, ee-e2m-1000

Differential Pressure Tester, E2M-1000

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For engines with cylinder bore 5" and over Eastern Technology E2M Differential Pressure Tester Eastern Technology's E2M Differential Pressure Tester has all the same features as the E2A, features the new Master Orifice Valve™. Built in Master Orifice allows for fast and easy Master Orifice Tests. The Master Orifice Test compensates for local barometric pressure and temperature to allow you to determine the minimum acceptable cylinder pressure gauge reading allowed during a Differential Pressure Test. Eastern Technology's E2 Series Differential Pressure Testers quickly locate worn and cracked rings, defective intake and exhaust valves, scored and cracked cylinders, leaky headgaskets and worn and stripped spark plug bushings, virtually every potential cause of pressure loss. Eliminates all guesswork by enabling you to find the exact location and cause of your engine's efficiency loss.
  • Slow Fill Valve™ allows you to:
    1. Safely find TDC
    2. Safely bleed cylinder test pressure to zero for testing multiple cylinders
    3. No repeated pressure adjustments.
  • Heavy Duty Regulator
  • Heavy Duty Gauges
  • All Connections Quick-Disconnect
  • Extra Long Pressure Hose
  • All Models Come With 18mm Plug Adapter
  • E2M for engines with Cylinder Bore less than 5"
  • E2M-1000 for engines with Cylinder Bore 5" and over