Dow Corning

Electrical Insulating Dielectric Compound, 5.3 oz, from Dow Corning, dow-dc4

Electrical Insulating Dielectric Compound, 5.3 oz

Item Qualifies for Free Ground Freight (48 States) on Orders Over $350
Designed to exclude moisture from terminal connections of aircraft ignition systems. More water repellent than paraffin or waxes. Recommended for aircraft, automotive and marine ignition systems, spark plug connections, disconnect junctions, electrical assemblies and terminals, cable connectors, battery terminals, rubber and plastic o-rings. Temp. range -70° to 400° F. A low loss dielectric silicone grease like compound designed to provide a moisture barrier for all electrical connections. Meets MIL-S-8660. 5.3 oz. tube. Commonly also used as a spin-on oil filter gasket lubricant to promote proper installation torque and prevent gasket adhesion.