CLD 199-08401

Brake Kit, Kit Built/Experimental and General Usage, from Cleveland, cld-199-08401

Cleveland Brake Kit for Kit Built, Experimental and General Usage

This Item is Oversize.

Cleveland Brake Kit for Kit Built, Experimental and General Usage

  • Tire Size: 6.00-6
  • Wheel Assembly: 40-113
  • Standard Disc: 164-04000
  • Brake Assembly: 30-75
  • Lining: 066-10500
  • Type: O
  • Aluminum wheel/brake

Order Code Number
Be advised that the Order Code Number is used to identify a grouping of a pre-packaged ship set of TSO Approved wheels and brakes for customer ordering and shipping convenience. At time of installation of parts contained within, the installer is to refer only to the Part Number of each listed wheel and brake assembly to indicate what parts have been installed on the aircraft. Do not refer to the order code number for installation purposes, as it is not an FAA recognized part number.

Aluminum wheel/brake
Wheels and Brakes are FAA TSO C26 Approved.

NOTE! for a product to be qualified, it has to have successfully demonstrated its ability to meet minimum performance standards in accordance with FAA recognized rating methods. The TSO approval of a product does not constitute installation approval or applicability on an FAA Type Certificated Aircraft.

It is the responsibility of those installing these products to determine that the aircraft installation and its wheel and brake performance requirements are compatible for the TSO ratings of the wheel and brake. TSO approved products must have separate approval for installation in a FAA type certificated aircraft. TSO Approved Products may be installed only if performed under Title 14 CFR Part 42 or the applicable airworthiness requirements.